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Thanks to another mention by, I have looked into this Analyze My Writing engine. In the past we have talked about Wordle and Tagxedo, which are both fine word cloud generators, which in addition to making long pieces of text look pleasant, highlight most commonly used words in a chunk of text. The idea behind these is that you can manage and introduce large boring text without scaring off your readers/audience, and possibly generate some conversation in the process.

With Analyze My Writing, you can go several steps further and analyze your own writing or another person’s writing and “gain a wealth of information about your text including word and character counts, word and sentence lengths, the readability of your text, and other analyses”. The site offers a few pre-selected sources for your viewing convenience.

Why use it?

You may want to use this to gain insight into your own writing style, find words and phrases you mostly use, and see if your writing appropriate for your audience (according to AMW, of course). If your sentences are too long, and you intend your writing to be more of the bite-size consumption, then it’s possible you went off wrong somewhere. The opposite is true as well, if you are shooting for some decent, journal-style article, or just even college level writing, and the analysis tells you your piece is at a high-school level, well, it’s time to spruce up your writing (and maybe contact our Writing support to seek help). I see how this could be helpful to students if their instructors find their writing is not up to par yet.

As always, let us know what you think about this piece, whether more info is needed, or if you would rather read about some other things, like exotic flowers and Middle-Eastern recipes! 🙂

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