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play buttonOver the last year, with the smoother integration of YouTube videos into the Blackboard system (such as Vide Everywhere, aka Record from Webcam), we have used the video features extensively and in an increasing number of courses. There are admittedly lots of advantages to taking courses online, but cultivating a robust community remains a challenge in distance education. So, using videos makes a small dent in this area, and YouTube has proven to be a fairly friendly working solution.

We haven’t done much – in part due to the current configuration of Blackboard which is not too friendly to audio files – much (or anything) with audio recordings. There are at least a couple of courses though which use some sort of interviewing and would benefit from not a video but an audio recording. So, let’s look at possible solutions that are available either for free or at a low cost, and which are versatile, have low barriers to adoption and are ready to use out of the box.

Richard Burn has written up this article (with video demos) and I invite you to browse his suggestions (some will apply to a face-to-face classroom more so than others).

Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Browser-based Tools for Creating Audio Recordings – Videos on How to Use Them.

The other article that comes again from the same source is about ways to record interviews. They both look pretty slick, and are worth looking into (may or may not be available on all mobile platforms).

Source: MS Weekly Tips

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2 responses to “Audio Recordings”

  1. Amy says:

    What a great article and filled with noteworthy information. Is this something that can be shared with students? I specifically would be interested in apps that students can utilize for their interviews in terms of recording the interview itself rather than posting it to be heard. Any suggestions?

    • olaplante says:

      Absolutely! Sometimes certain directions have to be tailored to reflect the student view and features but in this case everything is the same so no tweaking needed! So glad you liked this!

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