Customizing your preferences for course notifications settings

With the recent developments, it looks like we are now able to set up email alerts for the events in your course that you want to keep track of. The switch happened to be turned on on Tuesday without a warning and your inbox may have been affected: all of a sudden, instructors and teaching assistants started receiving alerts from “” about journals needing grading, assignment submissions and discussion posts.

The indiscriminate switch may be too much – and honestly, quite unnecessary and annoying for those of us enrolled in a dozen or more courses. Now, however, the settings can be customized, so you can turn on notifications for things you care about in the courses that make most sense to your teaching or supervising load.

Here is how:

Step 1.

Use this link Edit Notification Settings to access the settings (you need to be logged in Blackboard at UNE).

Step 2.

Select either individual courses or all courses that you are teaching (this includes all courses where you are either an instructor or a teaching assistant).

edit notification settings

Either way, you will end up looking a screen like this. (Click on the image to view the larger one). Select what you would like to be notified about.

change settings - blackboard learn

Step 3. Submit and enjoy!

Remember, you can always change these settings. I hope that this feature is here to stay!

Your students are also able to set up their own preferences.


In addition from above, you can access your settings from Global Navigation:

Item Not Available – Blackboard Learn

From Updates, click on the gear icon:

My Blackboard Content – Blackboard Learn

From there, access your settings:

My Blackboard Content – Blackboard Learn

Please let us know how this works for you!

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