It's Easy to Find Articles with Summon

In your courses, you are often required to locate an assigned reading using the UNE Library website. For advanced searches, it’s recommended that you use the Full Text Journals page.

However, this tool, Summon, which is embedded right on the main Library page, has saved me a ton of time! Not only does it make it easy to plug in an article’s title, on the results page, it allows you to narrow down your search, peruse related items, get an abstract and a citation in your preferred style (in case you need to cite it in your discussion post or a paper for instance) and another perk – it runs the search across several databases so you don’t have to go to an individual database before you even see the journal issues. A win all around!

Disclaimer: While there are many tools that aim to make our lives easier, they are not infallible; please check advanced search options and ask a librarian when you feel stuck!







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