How to replace a file in Blackboard

This week it’s an easy tip for those who often update their forms or other files in Blackboard.

The first impulse is to go and edit the item/page and upload a file and link it. As a result, you will end up with two files in the file structure, the old one and the new one (however, if you keep the title the same it’s possible to overwrite the file on the upload). In addition, if another instance of linking to the same file exists, you will have to replace it as well (unless you overwrite it on the upload). Also, there may be a remainder of the old link next to the new one.

Do I have an easy solution for you! Instead, don’t edit the item/page in Blackboard, just go ahead and overwrite the file as shown in this silent, but eloquent nonetheless!, tutorial below.

As usual, you are most welcome with followup and questions as well as ideas! Just shoot us an email.

Overwrite a file in Blackboard

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