How to Work with Google Drive Folder Shared with You

Google Drive has been instrumental in streamling the process of storing and sharing files, especially in document-intense courses like Field Seminars and Practica. While there are a number of advantages to setting up our system this way, there has been some difficulty navigating around the shared folders as they don’t always feel intuitive for a particular task.

All of the course documents are shared to allow anyone who has the link to view the contents of the folder. You can also download certain types of files without as much as logging into Google.

1. In the Course Navigation Menu on your left, click on Course Documents

2. You will be able to view documents all at once either as a grid or a list. You can click on any of the documents and get an instant preview.


3. Close the file preview, and add documents to your Drive. If you are not signed in already, click on the blue [SIGN IN] button on the right, then after you have signed it, click on [ADD TO DRIVE], and then [OPEN IN DRIVE] for full features. You will only need to “ADD TO DRIVE” once. After that, [OPEN IN DRIVE] will be available to you any time you access these documents from the course link – as long as you are signed in Google Drive.

Sign in Google Drive

580_Course_Documents 2

4. Click on desired files to open.

Google Drive

5. Once you are in the file, you may either copy it to your own drive and then make all sorts of edits, or download it to your computer and then make all sorts of edits.

make a copy or download a Google file

Note: You can also print any printable file, and when it comes to PDF and Word Files, even download them without logging in.

View Any File and Download PDF

Source: MS Weekly Tips

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