Online grad school: a worthwhile experience for Gisele Kouevi, MPH

Your life changes when you decide to go to grad school. Some of these changes are unique and positive, like meeting new people undergoing the same intense experience, and deepening your knowledge in a field that interests you. Some of the changes are difficult, like trying to juggle your personal life, your time and money, and your work and studies.

Difficult? Yes.  But worth it? Only you know the answer to that one.

After the MPH hooding ceremony this year, we pulled aside a few MPH grads to tell us a little about their online school experience. Just as no two people are alike, no two answers were the same.

See what MPH graduate Gisele Kouevi has to say about balancing full time work, parenting and online grad school:

Learn more about the Online MPH program that Gisele and her classmates went through. UNE Online has rolling admissions – meaning once you apply, your enrollment counselor works with you to get your answer sooner.

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