WEBINAR - Providing Effective Student Feedback

One of the keys to engaging online learners and facilitating critical thinking is providing students with timely, meaningful, and actionable feedback.

Webinar: Providing Effective Student Feedback

Good feedback is:

  • Timely
  • Instructional
  • Consistent

Good feedback also:

  • Highlights a specific knowledge or skill
  • Focuses on thinking (not writing mechanics)
  • Moves a student’s work forward
  • Provides a model or example
  • Invites the student to give the instructor feedback
  • Encourages the student to ask for the kind of feedback s/he needs

Source: (Johnson, 2013) and (Orlando, 2016)

In this webinar, UNE Online’s Instructional Design Team explores

  • What is feedback? (And what isn’t it?)
  • Purpose of feedback
  • Strategies you can use right now

Webinar handout

Providing Effective Student Feedback WEBINAR – Handout

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