Randomize Group Enrollments

Instructors often like to have control over student group assignment. Sometimes, it matters not who is where, but a rather quick assignment is needed. While there is absolutely no way to change the type of the group set already created (at present), it’s possible to have the system randomly assign all the students (more or less evenly) across all the groups.

If you would like to know how to do so, here are two simple steps:

1. On the groups page (make sure your Edit Mode is switched on), mouse over the group set line and select “Edit Group Set Membership” from the drop-down menu:

Groups Page

2. Use “Randomize Enrollments” to fill in all the groups at once. You will have a chance to go through the users and remove extra roles (assistants, teaching assistants, leaders, instructors etc.)

Edit Group Set Enrollments

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