Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Ehni, MPH – Public Health Program

Jordan Ehni, MPH Graduate of University of New EnglandI found the MPH program at UNE to be well designed for working professionals. I was able to keep my full-time position as a housing inspector while completing the program. I also greatly enjoyed my practical experience at the Maine CDC, which provided me with a new public health skill set that I will utilize in the future.

Some Background

I grew up in eastern Ohio and graduated with my bachelor’s degree in sociology from Ohio State in 2009. Learning about the social determinants of health in my undergraduate courses, along with having a strong interest in statistics and biological sciences, I decided to pursue a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree.

In 2010, after being accepted at UNE, I moved to Portland, Maine in order to be closer to the great facilities that the University has to offer, and for a love of the city of Portland. I have since been employed full-time as a housing inspector at a mental health agency in Maine while working toward the completion of my MPH.

Moving Forward

I graduated from the program in the spring of 2014 and will continue to pursue my interests in healthy housing and infectious disease epidemiology.

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