Four tips for writing outstanding goal statements

Four tips for writing outstanding goals statements
Goal statements are an essential part of the graduate school application process here at UNE Online. Developing your goal statement can be seen as intimidating, but it shouldn’t be. It’s best viewed as an opportunity. We spoke to Nicole Lindsay, the Director of Online Admissions and asked her what makes a great goal statement for graduate school. We talked about what the admissions committee is looking for and how applicants can put their best foot forward. Here’s what she had to say… Why does UNE Online have goal statements? There are many different purposes for the goal statement, dependent on the program. In general, the goal statement is a way for the admissions committee to gauge an applicant’s writing

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Online Admissions: How to write a letter of recommendation

Letter of Recommendation
Some, but not all, of our programs require letters of recommendation. What makes a great letter of recommendation? A letter of recommendation is a formal document that schools use to help judge whether or not you as a student will be a good fit at that university. There are several key elements of a good letter of recommendation.  First impressions, style, format, referring person, relevant content and of course – spelling – are all carefully considered elements. First impressions are important As a formal letter, the format is important. The format of your letter is like a first impression. Purdue has a great resource that you can use as a guide to brush up on the basics of a good…

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What Does Rolling Admissions Mean?

Rolling Admissions
What does rolling admissions mean? Rolling admissions at UNE means that we process applications and accept students as we receive their applications. It’s that simple! But there’s a catch… Be proactive and be rewarded We have a specific amount of spots to fill in the cohort, and once the spots are filled, they’re filled. Applying early could help your chances of admission. The admissions process for graduate school at UNE Online Our admissions team at UNE Online is continually reviewing and working toward streamlining the admissions process. We have made great strides in improving our process to make it faster and more efficient for you, and we continue to push for improvements. We try very hard to make this process…

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Skip the admissions process with these online courses

UNE classes with no admissions
When do you NOT need to go through admissions? UNE Online’s Science Prerequisites for Health Professions classes are our exception to the admissions process rule. They do not require an admissions process at all. Simply log in, register for the class, pay, and begin on the first or third Wednesday of the month.  All of our classes are instructor-led, high-quality courses. They are taken a la carte, as you need them, so you can do just one class or a couple of classes at once. You can take as many of these courses as you need over time. Filling gaps – efficiently UNE has a strong history of preparing students for the health professions, and we were finding that a…

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