Organizing Your Tasks

today's to-do list We, the online folks, often have a running list of things to do, and our environment is such that we may be working in cafes, at home, at libraries, in hotels, you name it! Plus, the constant potential disruptions in the form of incoming Skype calls, emails, actual phone calls, meetings we need to attend, virtually or otherwise, and sudden issues that pop up or scheduled events, like grading a set of papers, and then there is this blog to read, which fortunately comes out at the most convenient time and has wonderful tips on how to keep your online sanity! Since we have been pushing Chrome as one of the better browsers for Blackboard, here is how you can… Read more >>
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Blackboard: Customize Posts, Notifications, and Home Page

Blackboard: Customize Posts, Notifications, and Home Page Many of us, both students and instructors, are enrolled in several, or even dozens of courses. Here are some tips on how to manage the flow of posts, notifications and the courses you see on the home page. To see how you can leverage the post stream from the Dashboard, view the video below. Please note that “@me” option is not enable in the UNE eLearn system. Additional information about posts and other notifications is also available in this video. I am including a few screenshots: Under UPDATES: Click on the gear in the top right-hand corner. You can uncheck all the courses you don’t want to see. To change the notification settings, click on “View Notification Settings.” This will… Read more >>
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Retention Center Settings and Personal Settings for Users in Bb

A gear to signify settings This may be the perfect time to address some of the issues that will eliminate issues down the road. If you have been using the Retention Center (which, by the way, is quite awesome!), you will notice that as your library of courses grows, so does the number of notifications coming from them, alerting you that your students haven’t logged in in weeks – only in old courses from past semesters. (Do not do it in your current courses, however tempting!!! If you teach a course with another instructor, and turn off the Retention Center, you are turning it off for both of you.) You can easily get rid of those notifications by stopping tracking them. Please see the screenshot.… Read more >>
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