The COVID Diaries: Eating from the Pantry – the Benefits of Meal Planning

Meal planning with Registered Dietitian Nazia Sadat
Registered Dietitian Nazia Sadat discusses the benefits of meal planning using pantry staples. With a little thought, meal planning can help you get the proper nutritional balance. Making healthy food choices can help with increasing immunity as well as uplifting our mood.      Stress impacts the diet choices we make, making it harder to choose healthy foods because of boredom or feeling stressed. Nazia Sadat, MS, MPH, MS Ed., RDN, LDN offers helpful tips and advice on managing healthy eating, creating meal plans, using pantry food staples, and managing stress levels during the COVID-19 pandemic. Highlighted quotes from the presentation: “Given the COVID-19 situation that we are all in right now, our stress levels are at an all-time…

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The Role of Public Health in a Pandemic

Carol Ewan Whyte, Research and Service Coordinator, Public Health, UNE Online
UNE Online Faculty member and public health expert Carol J. Ewan Whyte, Ph.D., M.Sc. discusses the role of a public health professional during the coronavirus pandemic. This information reflects the expert opinions and experiences of Dr. Ewan Whyte, and is accurate as of Wednesday, April 1, 2020. For someone working in public health right now, what is their role in this COVID-19 pandemic? Epidemiologists are really the ones who are working overtime right now. I liked how the Director of the Maine CDC calls them ‘Disease Detectives.’ The epidemiologists are the ones tracking how many new COVID-19 cases we have, where they live, who they have come in contact with, and making sure all those people who need to…

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