Peggy Wallace Responds with Online Education Modifications During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Peggy Wallace has been teaching in the online Master of Science in Education program for 10+ years. She is a seasoned veteran who has taught hundreds of students online and has had to modify her instruction in those online settings many times before. With COVID-19, educators are seeing the need to extensively modify aspects of learning experiences to accommodate their students in a new world. We spoke to Peggy about the modifications she is making in her courses that require in-person teacher/student tutoring and what she is doing to support her students during the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ve modified your online instruction to accommodate the needs of students before. How is dealing with the fallout from COVID-19 different? In the past,…

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Program Director Spotlight: Dr. Jayne Pelletier, Education Program

Dr. Jayne Pelletier, Program Director for the Graduate Programs in Education
Dr. Jayne Pelletier is the Program Director for the Graduate Programs in Education at the College of Graduate and Professional Studies here at the University of New England. In this post, Dr. Pelletier discusses her background, love of education, and imparts some words of wisdom to her faculty and students.  Can you tell me a little bit about your background? Sure! I knew early on that I wanted to be a teacher, but I was an adult with small children before I went back to school to earn my Master of Arts in Teaching. After graduation, I taught middle school science and English, then moved to teaching high school, and eventually began teaching night classes for a college in New…

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Michelle Collay, Ed.D. Program

Dr. Michelle Collay
Dr. Michelle Collay is a faculty member and advisor for our top online Ed.D. program at the College of Graduate and Professional Studies here at the University of New England. In this post, she talks about how she advises dissertators, the variety of professional backgrounds her Ed.D. students come from, and how she fosters a sense of community among her online students. Can you tell me a little about your background and what drew you to UNE? I came to UNE in academic year ‘12-’13 to set up the Education doctoral program. The curriculum had already been designed, and UNE brought me in to set it up and get it going. I came directly from seven years of experience in…

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Lane Clarke, Education Program

Lane Clarke, Ed.D.
Dr. Lane Clarke is an Associate Professor of Education at the University of New England on the Biddeford Campus. As the department chair, she teaches classes at the undergraduate level to pre-service teachers in literacy and global education. Her research interests include online teaching, technology and literacy, and working with students who struggle with literacy. She has published three books: Educating Literacy Teachers Online: Tools, Techniques, and Transformations (Clarke & Watts-Taffe, 2013), The reading turn-around: A five-part framework for differentiated instruction (Jones, Clarke & Enriquez, 2009) and High-tech teaching success: A step by step guide to using innovative technology in your classroom (Clarke & Besnoy, 2009). In addition, she has articles published in journals such as The Reading Teacher, Journal…

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