Meet our Team: Colby Averill

Colby Averill, Enrollment Counselor

Colby Averill is an enrollment counselor at UNE Online and has been with the team since 2014. Colby obtained both his Bachelor’s degree and MBA from Thomas College. While at Thomas College, Colby was a superstar baseball player and went on to coach during his time as an MBA student. Colby also served as a Student Ambassador while at Thomas College, acting as a liaison to the college for prospective students. Transitioning to an enrollment counselor at UNE Online was a natural fit for Colby as he excels at connecting with prospective students, and enjoys guiding them through the challenging decision-making process. He’s also an exemplary team player and is always willing to lend a hand. Outside of his work at UNE Online, Colby is an avid Red Sox fan and his favorite player is Dustin Pedroia. At UNE Online students are our top priority, and their success is what drives each and every one of us to do what… Read More >

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Learning efficiently: 6 steps to success in your online graduate education

6 tips to becoming a successful online student

The best thing about a self-paced program is that its self-paced. That’s also the worst thing about online learning. You’re a working professional, and odds are, you’ve worked from home before. Studying at home, just like working from home, is wonderful, convenient, and comfortable. It’s also easy to get off track. 6 strategies for success in online graduate classes 1. Turn off the distractions It’s tempting to play music or have a television on as background noise, and for some people, it can help set a relaxing environment, but the minute you find yourself distracted by it – turn it off. It may also help to visually pare down your study environment. I also came across some distraction-free writing tools that were highly recommended. Coffitivity is my very favorite tool to use to drown out background distractions. 2. Establish a study zone If you can, dedicate a specific room of your house to become a “study zone.” Try to use this space only… Read More >

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New Education Legislation: Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Monique Roy

Education Legislation Through the Decades In December of 2015, President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which replaced the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2002.  This reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) attempted to address some of the issues that made No Child Left Behind a source of challenge and frustration for many school districts nationwide. While the policies of federal education reform legislation have changed over the decades, one goal has remained constant: close the achievement gaps between poor and minority students and the more advantaged. Elementary and Secondary Education Bill In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Elementary and Secondary Education Bill into law as part of the “War on Poverty” along with a wave of civil rights legislation. Federal funding was granted to schools that had higher rates of poverty and larger achievement gaps.  The provision for this funding is known as Title I. “As a son of a tenant farmer,… Read More >

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Meet Our Team: Alexandra Legere

Alexandra Legere, Enrollment Counselor

Alexandra Legere is an enrollment counselor. She also stars in UNE Online’s Facebook Live videos answering your questions about UNE, the application process, and graduate school. As an enrollment counselor, Allie enjoys hearing the passion in potential student’s voices and working with them as they take charge of their futures by applying to graduate school. At UNE Online, students are our top priority, and their success is what drives each and every one of us to do what we do. We’d like to share a little bit about the people that are dedicated to making that happen every day. What do you do at UNE Online? I am an Enrollment Counselor for the Public Health, Applied Nutrition and Health Informatics graduate programs. This means I chat with potential applicants about the program to determine if it’s a good fit for their goals. I then work with them to help them complete their applications. Where are you from? I’m from right… Read More >

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Meet Our Team: Kelsey McIntyre

Kelsey McIntyre, Enrollment Counselor

Kelsey McIntyre is one of UNE Online’s superstar enrollment counselors, specializing in our Online Graduate Education Programs. Kelsey has a unique ability to connect with our potential students and help to identify their goals and motivations for pursuing a higher education degree. She then works with them to help them build their best application possible. In her spare time, you can find Kelsey in some body of water; whether it’s the ocean or a lake, this native Mainer takes advantage of everything the #vacationland state has to offer. At UNE Online students are our top priority, and their success is what drives each and every one of us to do what we do. We’d like to share a little bit about the people that are dedicated to making that happen every day. What do you do at UNE Online? I’m an enrollment counselor for UNE’s Online Graduate Programs in Education. So that includes our MSEd programs, our CAGS, PMC and… Read More >

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Meet Our Team: Maria Lorello

Maria Lorello, Enrollment Counselor

Meet Maria Lorello, an Enrollment Counselor at UNE. Maria earned her BA in Communication from the University of Southern Maine. After college, she started her career in public relations before joining UNE’s enrollment team in 2013. At UNE Online students are our top priority, and their success is what drives each and every one of us to do what we do. We’d like to share a little bit about the people that are dedicated to making that happen every day. What do you do at UNE Online? I’m an Enrollment Counselor for our Master of Social Work program. I am usually the first point of contact for someone who is interested in the MSW program. I answer any questions they may have, assist them throughout the application process and help them transition from applicant to student. Where are you from? I grew up right across the bridge in South Portland. I moved out of state for college and spent a… Read More >

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Online Learning at UNE - what you need to know

Fireside Chat

What is UNE Online? UNE Online is the portion of the University of New England that operates out of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies (CGPS) and brings you online learning. Dr. Martha Wilson is our Dean. On our website,, you may also see some mentions of our nickname, OWL, which stands for Online Worldwide Learning. A timeline of the student experience At the very start – the process When you begin your application, you will have a dedicated Enrollment Counselor available to you, to guide you throughout the admissions process. They provide assistance with your application and advise you during your application process so you’re able to put your very best foot forward. Each program has their own specialized Enrollment Counselors who are are experts on thier program, so they are able to answer even the most granular questions about your program of interest. Success through support – your student support specialist With more than a 95% rate… Read More >

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How does an online course work at UNE Online?

UNE Online Course Guide

What does it look like to take an online course? An online course has the same learning objectives as a traditional course but is presented online through technology. At UNE Online, courses are developed by pairing a subject matter expert with an instructional designer to develop learning experiences that are efficient, pedagogically sound, and appealing. Using a typical public health course as an example, this post discusses the “who, what, where, when, and how” of taking a class online at the University of New England. We’ll take a look at how this sample online public health course is structured, what’s expected of you, what resources are available to you, and more. 1. Course outline: the syllabus The majority of online public health courses are eight weeks long and broken out into eight modules. There are a couple of courses that have the modules broken out by content, but most courses divide out the course by week. During orientation you’ll get a course syllabus… Read More >

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NECHE (NEASC) Accredited - What it means & why it’s important

NECHE logo

The University of New England has been continuously accredited by NEASC since 1966. Our dedication to accreditation affirms UNE’s culture of continuous reflection and assessment in our learning community as well as helping UNE set and pursue its strategic goals. In 2018, NEASC separated its higher education commission out into an individual organization called NECHE. This restructuring does not affect UNE’s accreditation status; from our perspective, it is simply a name change. About NECHE The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) is now the federally recognized regional accreditor for the six New England States after assuming the business functions of the Commission previously managed by NEASC. The Commission states that its “dual role of quality assurance and quality improvement remains in place.” You can find more information about the change in the Commission’s announcement letter. In the United States, accreditation is an important way for students, families, government officials, the press and the public to know that an institution or… Read More >

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Meet Our Team: Carol Le

Carol Le, Enrollment Counselor, Graduate Programs in Public Health

Carol Le is an Enrollment Counselor here at UNE Online, helping students build their strongest application. In particular, she’s an expert at advising students on their goal statements, and her favorite part of the job is emailing students to congratulate them once they’ve been accepted. She’s also a restaurant aficionado and is working on trying every restaurant Portland has to offer…which will be an impressive feat once she completes it! At UNE Online, students are our top priority, and their success is what drives each and every one of us to do what we do. We’d like to share a little bit about the people that are dedicated to making that happen every day. What do you do at UNE Online? I’m an Enrollment Counselor for our Graduate Programs in Public Health. I help guide our students through the application process and work with them to submit their best application. I’m there for them throughout the process to let them… Read More >

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Meet Our Team: Holland Wegner

Holland Wegner, Enrollment Counselor

At UNE Online, students are our top priority and their success is what drives each and every one of us to do what we do. We’d like to share a little bit about the people on our team who are dedicated to making that happen every day. Holland Wegner is an Enrollment Counselor for our advanced degree programs in Health Informatics and Applied Nutrition. Holland enjoys building relationships with prospective students and likes knowing that the conversations he has with them might spark a significant and positive life change. When Holland isn’t on campus at the UNE Online office, he can be found spending time outdoors, experimenting with photography, or exploring Portland’s many cultural offerings. What do you do at UNE Online? I’m an enrollment counselor for the Health Informatics graduate programs, as well as the Master of Science in Applied Nutrition program. This means that I’m here to help answer questions about the programs and guide prospective students through the application process. I’m their… Read More >

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Meet Our Team: Lucas Good

Lucas Good, Enrollment Counselor

Lucas Good is an Enrollment Counselor for our advanced degree programs in Education here at UNE Online. Lucas not only studied elementary education, but is also a certified teacher. So if anyone knows what it’s like to be a teacher and apply to one of our Education programs, it’s Lucas. He also loves pizza, ice cream and the ocean. At UNE Online students are our top priority, and their success is what drives each and every one of us to do what we do. We’d like to share a little bit about the people that are dedicated to making that happen every day. What do you do at UNE Online? I’m an Enrollment Counselor here at UNE, and I work specifically with applicants for our advanced degree programs in Education.  I’m an applicant’s first point of contact when they are interested in one of our advanced degree education programs. I cover the Master of Science in Education, CAGS, Post-Master’s Certificate, and Ed.D programs…. Read More >

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Online Admissions: How to write a letter of recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

Some, but not all, of our programs require letters of recommendation. What makes a great letter of recommendation? A letter of recommendation is a formal document that schools use to help judge whether or not you as a student will be a good fit at that university. There are several key elements of a good letter of recommendation.  First impressions, style, format, referring person, relevant content and of course – spelling – are all carefully considered elements. First impressions are important As a formal letter, the format is important. The format of your letter is like a first impression. Purdue has a great resource that you can use as a guide to brush up on the basics of a good business letter.  Appearances do count, even if just a bit. But as they say, every bit helps. Style Who should you ask to write your letter of recommendation? We’re looking to get a picture of you as a person but through an academic lens. A good reference… Read More >

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Science Prerequisites for Health Professions - Why These Courses are Unique

Lending a helping hand with an online science prerequisite course

UNE Online offers many great degrees and certificate programs; however, did you know that we also offer individual science prerequisite courses? From Microbiology to General Chemistry, these courses can be taken anywhere in the world! Students who enroll in our science prerequisite courses are typically students who wish to enter a health professions program but need one or two courses to fill a gap in their transcript. Have we caught your attention? Keep reading to learn more! How are these courses set up differently than courses in matriculated programs? Our science prerequisite courses have a 16-week completion time and they have no due dates, meaning students can complete earlier if desired! Another great aspect of these individual courses is the fact that we have start dates every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Yes, that is right; two start dates every month! Frequent start dates allow students plenty of options when signing up for our courses, and are great… Read More >

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Meet Our Team: Kat Blessis

Kat Blessis, Enrollment Counselor

At UNE Online, students are our top priority and their success is what drives each and every one of us to do what we do. We’d like to share a little bit about the people on our team that are dedicated to making that happen every day. For the launch of the “Meet Our Team” series, we’ve interviewed Kat Blessis, Enrollment Counselor at UNE Online. Kat has a passion for helping others recognize and pursue their true passions. And, she’s also an amazing baker. What do you do at UNE Online? I’m an Enrollment Counselor for our Graduate Programs in Public Health, which means I help guide prospective students and applicants through our application process. I help them build a strong application, make sure they get all of their application requirements submitted by the various deadlines, and explain the program thoroughly so students truly understand the program they’re applying to and what their degree will mean for them when they… Read More >

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ESSA: Changes in Certification for Special Ed Teachers

Special Education Certifications

As noted in our previous blog New Education Legislation: Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the Every Student Succeeds Act reauthorized the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. It was also noted in the blog post, that this new act would bring changes, and changes have already begun in the State of Maine. On May 16th, the Maine Department of Education sent out a Priority Notice to inform Maine school administrators of amendments to the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) which deals primarily with special education. The Priority Notice Requirement 34 CFR Section 602(10)(B) mandated that a person employed as a special education teacher in elementary school, middle school, or secondary school must have obtained full certification as a special education teacher. The teacher must not be working under certification or licensure requirements that are waived on an emergency, temporary, or provisional basis. – Maine Department of Education 2016 What does this mean for Maine educators? Maine will no longer… Read More >

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2016 U.S. News and World Report Best Online Programs in Graduate Education

2016 U.S. News and World Report Best Online Programs in Grad Education

UNE Online is pleased to be chosen as one of the 2016 U.S. News and World Report Best Online Programs in Graduate Education.   “Our 2016 Best Colleges listing reflects UNE’s commitment to delivering an outstanding return on investment.” – UNE President Danielle N. Ripich, Ph.D.   The U.S. News and World Report ranking takes into account: Total enrollment Student engagement Faculty credentials Student services and technology Admissions selectivity Number of part-time and full-time faculty Tenured or tenure-track faculty Categories of study offered Is degree earned entirely online Student retention rates Graduation rate This recognition is a credit to UNE’s expert faculty, robust curriculum, and our successful graduates. Through the graduate programs in Education, UNE students acquire the knowledge and skills to become leaders and shape the future of education. UNE Online offers the following graduate and post-graduate programs in Education: MSEd: Master of Science in Education CAGS: Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study PMC: Post-Master’s Certificate Ed.D.: Doctor of Education in Transformative Leadership Each of these programs… Read More >

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UNE Announces New Online Master’s Degree in Applied Nutrition

Applied Nutrition

The University of New England’s College of Graduate and Professional Studies is excited to announce the opening of a new online Master’s degree in Applied Nutrition. The mission of the Master of Science in Applied Nutrition is to prepare individuals for leadership roles in the nutrition field, to advance knowledge and expand skills that promote excellence and innovation in all areas of nutrition practice, and to emphasize evidence-based best practices to support the well-being and health outcomes of individuals, families, and communities through education, research, and service. New program, experienced leadership UNE Online welcomes Elizabeth Dodge, M.S., Ph.D. to the role of Applied Nutrition Program Manager. Dodge joins the College with more than twelve years of experience in the nutrition and education fields. During her tenure at the University of Maine, Dodge served in a variety of capacities, including her role as advisor for the division of lifelong learning and course design specialist for the HealthyU initiative, as well as… Read More >

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Health Informatics Informational Webinar

Health Informatics Webinar

Are you interested in Health Informatics, but not quite sure what it is? View the Webinar! ‘What to Expect from a Degree or Certificate in Health Informatics’ UNE Online is now offering two online health informatics programs designed to prepare the next generation of clinical, IT and data experts: Master of Science in Health Informatics and Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics. These innovative programs are specifically designed to quickly build the capacity of public health, clinical, analyst and IT professionals to engage in the design, implementation and utilization of clinical or public health data systems. Informatics is experiencing a strong trend of growth – position yourself for success! View the recorded webinar to learn about emerging health trends, the range of career options, the requirements for the online degree and certificate programs and listen to staff and instructors answer attendee questions. Hear directly from the program leadership We recorded this live question & answer session with program manager Megan Landry, B.S.N., M.H.A. – Informatics and… Read More >

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What Does Rolling Admissions Mean?

Rolling Admissions

What does rolling admissions mean? Rolling admissions at UNE means that we process applications and accept students as we receive their applications. It’s that simple! But there’s a catch… Be proactive and be rewarded We have a specific amount of spots to fill in the cohort, and once the spots are filled, they’re filled. Applying early could help your chances of admission. The admissions process for graduate school at UNE Online Our admissions team at UNE Online is continually reviewing and working toward streamlining the admissions process. We have made great strides in improving our process to make it faster and more efficient for you, and we continue to push for improvements. We try very hard to make this process as clear and easy as possible. Getting into graduate school is definitely a multi-step procedure. You have already been through the application process to get into your undergrad program – so you probably remember that there are many pieces that need to… Read More >

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Should you earn a Graduate Degree in Education?

UNE Online Education MSE Infographic

Could a Graduate Degree in Education be for you? Are you already a teacher, looking for a way to advance your career? Are you looking at a career change and always thought you might be a great teacher?  We put together this infographic so you can see, at a glance, the motivations behind why other people get their MSED, CAGS and Post-Master’s Certificates in Education. Of course, the various reasons people get their Graduate Degree in Education are as unique as the people themselves, but as you might imagine there are also several unifying themes behind going after that higher ed degree. Top among the reasons that people get a secondary degree? Career advancement. Education is one of the largest industries in the US And Education continues to grow at a thriving pace. There’s a steady demand for teachers, especially postsecondary and preschool teachers, with stable growth in the double digits. The data in the infographic below is based on BLS 2012-2022 data projections…. Read More >

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College Acceptance: How UNE Online creates a more inclusive environment for

platinum rule

When looking for colleges, whether online or the more traditional brick and mortar, many students look at tangible areas. Questions often asked are: ‘How much will this cost?’ ‘How long is the program?’ ‘Are there residency requirements?’ ‘Is there a decent professor to student ratio?’ The list goes on and on. One question that is rarely asked of an institution is ‘How will you make me feel like an individual?’ On top of this, nobody ever asks ‘How will you respect and work with my identities and create an inclusive environment?’ Whether social identities (religious, gender, race, etc.) or personal identities (parent, athlete, full time employee, etc.), these are often areas that a person must work with to create the best situation in a college environment, and rarely does a student question the institution unless it is a major issue. UNE Online however answers these questions before they are ever asked. You may be reading this and asking yourself how… Read More >

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CEPH Accreditation in UNE Online Public Health Programs

CEPH Accreditation at UNE

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) is an independent agency recognized as the accrediting body for public health schools in higher education and programs by the U.S. Department of Education. Accreditation is a rigorous peer-review process designed to ensure that a program’s curriculum meets the standards set for high quality education and training. Federal agencies often require this accreditation from their employees. CEPH-accreditation means graduates are prepared, through their coursework, to meet the demands of the current public health workforce. Is having CEPH accreditation imperative to your future in public health? Some public health jobs are only open to graduates of CEPH-accredited public health schools or programs. The US Public Health Service, many US military public health jobs and some state and local government agencies require that MPH-level jobs be filled with graduates of CEPH-accredited schools and programs. If you have an idea of the area or agency where you would like to work after graduation, you should speak… Read More >

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UNE recognized for Best Online Graduate Programs

Best Online Masters Programs 2015

The University of New England has been recognized as one of the best online graduate schools by for Best Online Master’s Programs in 2015. UNE achieved top rankings for both the Master of Public Health and Master of Social Work programs. The Best Online Graduate Programs ranking is valuable because it assists potential post-secondary online students in finding what they need to identify a reputable master’s program, succeed in the program, and land a career that makes the most of their higher education. Evaluated among thousands of online education programs, UNE’s online MPH and online MSW programs were reviewed based on a range of competency areas that include: Dedication to online education Investment in academic support services Rigor of graduate-level studies Investment in career support services “We are very proud to receive this recognition for programs within our online college,” says Martha Wilson, Ph.D., Dean, College of Graduate and Professional Studies & Associate Provost for Online Worldwide Learning. “It is a testament not only to… Read More >

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