Report from ACTEM

Resource Articles Today, the Instructional Design team is at ACTEM. Several of us are presenting, in fact. So, for our Vision post this week, we thought we’d post the synopses of our presentations here, and if you would like to you can follow up with the designers responsible for them. Please feel free to email them if you would like to hear more, or if you have a project in mind that would benefit from their expertise. And wish us all luck at ACTEM! The presentations (and presenters) are: Effective Discussion Board Strategies How do you entice students to exchange ideas in an online environment? How do you facilitate discussions when you’re not face-to-face with your class? Join in this interactive session… Read more >>
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Tips for Gamifying Your Course

Gamification Looking to heighten student interest and understanding? Then consider gamification. What’s gamification? Gamification entails using game design elements, game thinking, and game mechanics in non-game contexts to make learning more engaging. Gamification boasts many benefits (1). It not only fosters student engagement, but also increases retention. It engages people’s natural desire to explore and make meaningful decisions. It’s also a student-centered method of instruction. In short: Gamification helps people learn – and remember what they’ve learned! But assignments shouldn’t be gamified just for the sake of gamifying them (2). A well-integrated, gamified assignment can enhance a course. An assignment gamified just for gamification’s sake, however, can detract from a course’s overall goal. No one likes jumping through hoops… Read more >>
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