The first week of your course - Webinar

Webinar Series We know that courses start for the instructor days before they start for the students and that those few days both before and after the beginning of a term can be spent wisely to make the next eight or sixteen weeks as efficient and enjoyable as possible. So, we put together this webinar detailing steps to take in the first week of your course to make the rest of the course as successful as possible:     In the video, we mention both a supplemental tools and tutorials doc and a supplemental outline doc. Additionally, you may find the notes we used for the presentation useful. Do you have a process for getting ready for and managing the first… Read more >>
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Webinar - The Blackboard Grade Center

Webinar Series We’ve received several requests to dive more purposefully into the nitty gritty of using Blackboard, and so today we conducted the first in a series of webinars on it, focusing on the Grade Center. As we found ourselves jumping rather quickly from tool to tool, we think the video may be less valuable as a recording than a textual breakdown, with screenshots, that you can jump through at will below. Navigation Finding the Blackboard Grade Center We always suggest faculty use the “Full Grade Center,” as the “Needs Grading” page will not always show you all the assignments that need grading. For example: A student may receive permission to submit an assignment a second time. The second submission will not… Read more >>
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