Get Your Healthcare Administration Certificate Online at UNE

Stack a graduate certificate into a Masters degree
UNE Online offers a Healthcare Administration Certificate online, as a means to advance your knowledge and for career advancement. What is healthcare administration? Healthcare administration is the management and logistical support of medical professionals. It’s not the practice of medicine – rather, healthcare administration graduates typically manage the people and processes within medical facilities, helping to improve overall efficiency. Who gets a Healthcare Administration Certificate? Many different career paths would benefit from a Healthcare Administration Certificate. Some healthcare administration professionals choose to work directly with people, while others prefer focusing on numbers and data. Regardless of the specific position, a Healthcare Administration Certificate can lead to career advancement into managerial and executive roles. What job titles could you get with…

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Stackable Certificate Programs at UNE Online

stackable certificate programs
One way to earn your master’s degree at UNE is through stackable certificate programs. Each graduate certificate offered at UNE Online is stackable to the corresponding master’s degree in that program. What does “stackable” mean? Each credit a student earns while getting their graduate certificate can be counted toward the master’s degree, should they choose to pursue one at a later date. This way students can gradually work their way to a master’s degree. Stackable certificate programs are a convenient way to start small and ease your way into a master’s degree, that on their own also hold value in the workforce. Stack grad certificate credits toward a master’s degree The academic credits that students earn can be reused or…

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New Course: Emergency Management, HCA 705

Emergency Management graduate course
In this innovative new online emergency management course, YOU are the manager of a simulated emergency. Every choice you make influences the range of decisions that you can make later on in the course. First off, you must staff a team of experts to manage your emergency – whom do you choose? Take your emergency management skills out of the theoretical realm, and apply your knowledge in a simulated emergency – and cope with the consequences of your decisions, just like in a real-life scenario. Program Director Matt Kaszubinski gives the details. What makes this new online emergency management course outstanding? It’s a chess game of disaster and response. Students are grouped into management teams at the beginning of the…

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COVID-19 uncovers large-scale flaws, leading U.S. health administrators to reshape the system

Emergency Management graduate course
Fewer doctors, fewer beds, higher out-of-pocket expenses, and increasing numbers of uninsured or under insured Americans are among the immediate priorities health systems and administrators are now challenged to improve and correct as COVID-19 commands widespread attention. Recently, Vox (article linked below) reported the lack of preparedness across the U.S. healthcare industry, especially when compared to other developed countries, as it battles the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition to escalating case counts, the U.S. is also lagging in its ability to provide reliable testing to help diagnose and provide adequate treatment for those infected. As public health experts track the movements of the disease, understanding growth and spread remains a critical piece of the process. Recent reporting on initial testing measures…