Fostering Growth Mindset in Grad Students

Thought bubble with idea “People with a fixed mindset believe that their traits are set in stone – they have a certain amount of intelligence and nothing will change that. The opposite of this is the growth mindset – people see their qualities as things that they can develop through effort and practice” (Gallagher, 2014, their emphasis). According to Carol Dweck, Growth Mindset is something anyone can have. Realizing the importance and weight of this mindset practice, many K-12 educators are actively incorporating mindset lessons into their curriculum. But what about graduate students? Because they’re more advanced, it’s easy to assume that graduate students have already mastered the growth mindset. But that may not be true. Graduate students are not immune to having a… Read more >>
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Coordinating with SASC for Student Success

Webinar Series Henri Moser, the Online Learning Specialist, and Lori Rand, the Online Writing Specialist, joined us from the Online Student Academic Success Center (SASC) to talk about how faculty and staff can best coordinate with them to foster student success in online courses. They covered a whole lot, from when best to connect students with their services to how SASC can lend their unique perspective to the design of the learning activities themselves. Thanks to Henri and Lori for the work they put in on this excellent, informative webinar.
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