Engagement and Interactivity in Online Lectures: Exploring TED-Ed

Online Lecture Engagement In the best circumstances, a lecture attended in person is an exercise in engagement and interactivity as well as instruction. Understandably, this too is what we strive for in online education, but we are presented with additional hurdles. The instruction being given is prerecorded, has already happened, and cannot be influenced in real time by ideas in the classroom. Students are experiencing the content asynchronously, at the different times that are convenient to each of them. Students cannot ask follow-up questions while instruction is being given. In the same manner, the instructor cannot assess in-the-moment understanding of the instruction being given. There are a number of tools for addressing the challenges listed above, but one of the most important aspects… Read more >>
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Polish Your Lecture Audio with Audacity

Audio Lectures with Audacity Have you ever listened to an audio file that just didn’t sound right? It might have been a podcast, a radio interview, or even an online lecture. Maybe it was plagued by a constant hissing noise in the background. Perhaps the speaker’s voice was clear and loud at the beginning, but muffled and soft towards the end. Or, you might have found the “ums” and pauses between statements to be distracting. Surely, you’ve also heard audio files that sound professional. There is virtually no background noise, the speaker’s voice plays at a consistent volume, and the oral delivery is articulate and smooth. That’s how you want your online lectures to sound. In this post and in the video below, we’ll… Read more >>
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