Get Your Healthcare Administration Certificate Online at UNE

Stack a graduate certificate into a Masters degree
UNE Online offers a Healthcare Administration Certificate online, as a means to advance your knowledge and for career advancement. What is healthcare administration? Healthcare administration is the management and logistical support of medical professionals. It’s not the practice of medicine – rather, healthcare administration graduates typically manage the people and processes within medical facilities, helping to improve overall efficiency. Who gets a Healthcare Administration Certificate? Many different career paths would benefit from a Healthcare Administration Certificate. Some healthcare administration professionals choose to work directly with people, while others prefer focusing on numbers and data. Regardless of the specific position, a Healthcare Administration Certificate can lead to career advancement into managerial and executive roles. What job titles could you get with…

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Meet Our Team: Rachel Kosnow

Rachel Kosnow, Enrollment Counselor spotlight
‘Meet our Team’ spotlights are just one way we like to share a little bit about the people who are dedicated to UNE Online’s signature student-centric experience. What do you do here at UNE Online? I am an Enrollment Counselor II working with the UNE Online Public Health and Healthcare Administration programs. As an enrollment counselor, I’m usually the first point of contact a potential student has with UNE Online. I answer any questions about the application process or program that a prospect might have. Once a prospective student decides they want to apply, I work with them to help ensure they submit the best application they can. What stands out to you about UNE’s Graduate Programs in Public Health?…

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NEW Online Healthcare Masters Degree: Master of Healthcare Administration

NEW Online Healthcare Masters Degree: Master of Healthcare Administration
Online healthcare master’s degrees are a highly valued commodity in today’s increasingly business-minded healthcare world. It’s estimated that the projected demand for medical and health services managers will grow 32% between 2019 to 2029 (when the average growth rate is just 4% in the same time period) in the next decade. The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) is a degree similar to an MBA, but geared for the healthcare industry. When considering MHA vs MBA, the focus would depend on your industry and your career goals. UNE Online’s MHA program provides students with distinct, in-depth learning alongside accomplished health professionals to demonstrate mastery of leadership skills, confidently communicate in healthcare environments, and successfully utilize contemporary technologies towards improving the patient…

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Master of Healthcare Administration – New at UNE Online

Master of Healthcare Administration Program
A Q&A session with Matt Kaszubinski, Program Director for the Graduate Programs in Health Informatics about the brand new, 100% online, Master of Healthcare Administration program at UNE Online. What is an MHA? MHA stands for Master of Healthcare Administration. It’s a graduate degree that focuses on such topics as the management of hospitals and other medical organizations, and also the general infrastructure of public health. People who would be interested in an MHA are people who are interested in building their knowledge and skills within the business side of healthcare. With this degree, you will be well prepared to manage and operate the daily functions of a large health care facility, or a department within that facility. Think…

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Program Director Spotlight: Matt Kaszubinski, Health Informatics Program

Matt Kaszubinski, Program Director Health Informatics Program
Matt Kaszubinski is the Program Director for the Graduate Programs in Health Informatics and the new Master’s in Healthcare Administration here at UNE Online. Read on for his plan to keep students’ skills fresh, and what he is excited about for the future in the field of health informatics. Can you tell me a little about your background and what drew you to teaching at UNE Online? I actually started in medicine in a variety of different ways and in several different environments. As a Navy Hospital Corpsman for several years, I worked in shipboard medicine, and then I was moved over to a hospital on the west coast, and then to a shipyard, where I mostly worked in an…

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