Examples of Informatics in Nursing – Applying your Master of Science in Health Informatics

Examples of Informatics in Nursing
Nursing informatics is a field that has evolved as the use and storage of data have been integrated into the forefront of patient care and practice management. As technology has evolved over the years, so have examples of informatics in nursing. Though the profession of nursing remains the same, the daily work of these healthcare professionals is heavily influenced by informatics, with special attention to the accuracy and communication of patient data and care. What are some examples of informatics in nursing? Examples of informatics in nursing demonstrate how much the field has evolved, and show how nurses have integrated the use of data and new technologies to improve patient outcomes. Informatics is the practice of collecting, analyzing, and leveraging… Read more >>

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Top 5 Health Informatics Jobs on the Rise

Health Informatics Jobs in Action
When looking at careers in health informatics and the associated healthcare informatics salary, many people ask ‘Is Health Informatics a good career choice?’ As healthcare systems look to capitalize on big data and its endless applications, health informatics jobs have become increasingly vital. Consequently, as the health informatics field continues to accelerate, higher education programs are emerging to meet the demand by developing graduate programs in Health Informatics. Graduates with a Master’s in Health Informatics benefit greatly. Health Informatics – a good career choice According to the World & U.S. News Report on Online Health Informatics Master’s Degrees, “obtaining a graduate degree in the health informatics field widens your opportunity for career advancement and strengthens your competitive edge,” making… Read more >>

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Jobs in Health Informatics

Jobs in Health Informatics
Jobs in health informatics involve professionals who use data to help healthcare providers achieve better health outcomes. Health informatics connects people, technology, and data to improve the safety and quality of patient health; not only for individual patients but for entire populations. Health informatics graduates and professionals are helping to transform the healthcare industry by moving towards a more advanced and patient-focused model of care. In this diverse field, practitioners collaborate across many different work environments to ensure that security and simplicity always remain within reach. Jobs for Health Informatics graduates The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow 32 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster… Read more >>

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Ambassador Spotlight: Janet Quiring – Health Informatics Program

Student Spotlight Janet Quiring Health Informatics program
Janet Quiring is a student in the Master of Science in Health Informatics program here at UNE Online. We spoke with her recently about her thoughts on the program, how she leveraged her strengths to find her practicum placement, and what aspects of real-life cybersecurity her practicum is exposing her to. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and what encouraged you to pursue your Master’s in Health Informatics? I’ve had a career in the pharmaceutical industry for many years now. The industry is great, and I’ve enjoyed it, but at some point, you step back and look at how the market is changing. I’ve seen the whole dynamic of medicine shift, and I felt that I… Read more >>

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Faculty Spotlight: Nicholas Flavin, MPH, Health Informatics Program

Nicholas Flavin, MPH faculty member, MSIN program at CGPS
Nicholas Flavin, MPH is a faculty member with the Health Informatics program at CGPS. Here, he talks about his professional experience and how that, combined with his passion for art, makes teaching a joy for him. You have an MPH – what drew you to teaching in the field of health informatics? My background is in healthcare, research, and teaching. I began as a teacher and I earned my MPH when I switched careers and started working in healthcare. After a while, I found myself being drawn to the health informatics world of data and data analytics. With the advent of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), health informatics has become a huge piece of the healthcare puzzle. Working in the… Read more >>

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Program Director Spotlight: Matt Kaszubinski, Health Informatics Program

Matt Kaszubinski, Program Director Health Informatics Program
Matt Kaszubinski is the Program Director for the Graduate Programs in Health Informatics and the new Master’s in Healthcare Administration here at UNE Online. Read on for his plan to keep students’ skills fresh, and what he is excited about for the future in the field of health informatics. Can you tell me a little about your background and what drew you to teaching at UNE Online? I actually started in medicine in a variety of different ways and in several different environments. As a Navy Hospital Corpsman for several years, I worked in shipboard medicine, and then I was moved over to a hospital on the west coast, and then to a shipyard, where I mostly worked in an… Read more >>

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Student Spotlight: Katelyn Beeley, Health Informatics Program

Katelyn Beeley, Health Informatics student
Katelyn Beeley, RN, BSN is the Manager of Clinical Informatics under Medical Affairs for Maine Medical Center and a student in our health informatics program. Here, she talks about what led her to the field of health informatics, what she is learning from her studies, and about her experience with the UNE community. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Sure. I’ve worked for the state’s largest health care organization, MaineHealth, for 13 years now – but if you had asked me back then where I might be today, I would not likely have predicted the journey I am currently on. Once I acquired my nursing license, I began working as an inpatient nurse at the bedside, on… Read more >>

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Student Spotlight: Toho Soma, Health Informatics Program

Toho Soma
Toho Soma is the Interim Director and Senior Research Associate in the Center for Excellence in Health Innovation at UNE. He is also the supervisor of a team of evaluators in the Center. Although he is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Health Informatics, his background is in public health. For ten years prior to coming to UNE, he worked within the City of Portland’s Public Health Division, the last two of which he was the Director of Public Health. Here, he talks about what motivated him to earn his master’s in health informatics, his experience in the program, and some words of wisdom for students considering this online graduate degree path. What encouraged you to pursue your master’s Read more >>

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7 Examples of Health Informatics Coming in the Near Future

MRI Resonance Imaging is one of our examples of health informatics coming in the near future
Health informatics, which is the intersection of people, technology, and data to improve the safety and quality of patient care, can be found in many forms. A few examples include patient portals, electronic medical records (EMRs), telehealth, healthcare apps, and a variety of data reporting tools. But what comes next? We assembled a list of seven examples of health informatics technologies or advances that are either being explored or improved in the field right now. Learn more about a career in health informatics with our infographic 1. Voice Dictation Now that healthcare organizations have moved their medical records to digital systems, health informaticists are diving into the possibilities of improving artificial intelligence voice recognition to digitally transcribe healthcare providers’ notes… Read more >>

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4 Major Health Information Technology Benefits

Health Information Technology Benefits
It’s strange to imagine life before we had access to the world’s repositories of knowledge in a slim metallic device that fits in our pockets. Technology has surged through our lives and our society, propelling us into an unexpected yet exciting future. One of the most significant advances in information technology is the widespread adoption of the electronic health record in American healthcare organizations. While implementation has not been perfect, there are several notable benefits that come from the transformation of health information technology: 1. More health data, plus an improved ability to analyze and apply that data As our white paper explains further, healthcare data is accumulating faster than ever before. EHRs were created in part to address and… Read more >>

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Analysis of a Health Informatics Job Description

Illustration of man with many arms pointing to various electronics to depict a Health Informatics Job Description
One of the most fascinating aspects of health informatics is its versatility. Professionals from many backgrounds—healthcare, computer science, insurance, pharmacy, business, and more—have found their niche within the field. The duties on a day-to-day basis can vary from handling support tickets to holding training sessions to meeting with healthcare professionals and beyond. Still, you may wonder if your talents and skills are the right fit for the job. To provide a clearer picture of the health informatics field, we combined a number of informatics-related job descriptions so that we could go through the major responsibilities and daily duties with you point-by-point. Please note that the health informatics job description below is a simplified amalgamation from a number of advertised related… Read more >>

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Webinar: A Day in the Life of Health Informatics

A Day in the Life: Health Informatics Webinar featuring the title and three circle-cropped images of the presenters
Are you curious about health informatics, but want to know more about what your day-to-day workload, life, and environment might look like? You’re in luck! In our webinar, which live-streamed Thursday, April 25th, UNE Online Health Informatics alumni Irene Chen (of Harvard Children’s hospital) and Michele Marshall (of medical technology company BD) each gave a walk-through of their typical day at work, highlighted successful projects, and compared and contrasted responsibilities in their respective workplace settings. Watch the Webinar With former Program Director Megan Landry as moderator, these experts also recalled their graduate school journey with UNE Online, including which Health Informatics courses had the biggest impact on their working lives. Viewers submitted questions which were answered during the final Q&A… Read more >>

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UNE Online Joins Champions of Health at HIMSS 2019

Title card for HIMSS 2019 Conference with purple, blue, and white text
The HIMSS 2019 Global Conference & Exhibition brings together 45,000+ health information and technology professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. Exceptional education, excellent speakers, cutting-edge health information and technology products, and powerful networking are hallmarks of this industry-leading conference. Starting Monday, February 11th, HIMSS 2019 will bring together the brightest industry minds to share current and future developments shaping the health technology landscape. For five days, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with peers, executives, and industry professionals. As a HIMSS Approved Education Partner, UNE Online takes pride in our involvement with the global organization and this annual event. Will you be attending HIMSS 2019? Explore some of the Conference & Exhibition topics that the… Read more >>

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Health Informatics Focus Areas - One Year Later

Students in Library studying their Health informatics focus areas
In October 2017, the Health Informatics graduate programs at UNE Online introduced three new focus areas to give students the opportunity to shape their electives around individual career goals. Restructuring the graduate programs gave students the capability to specialize in one professional area of health informatics, ensuring a valuable return on investment. How are these focus areas helping students find career success one year later? Focus Areas Designed to Meet Employer Needs Health informatics continues to be one of the fastest-growing fields in healthcare, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 20% job growth for health information professionals by 2026. The UNE Online focus areas were developed with this growth in mind, and aimed to provide students with… Read more >>

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Student Spotlight: Ruthie Pearlman, Master of Science in Health Informatics

Ruthie Pearlman, Master of Science in Health Informatics Program
Ruthie Pearlman is a second-year student in the Master of Science in Health Informatics program. Here she tells us about her experience in the program, her vision for integrating seamless patient experiences with mobile health technology, and her advice for incoming students. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and what encouraged you to pursue your Master’s in Health Informatics? I graduated in ‘99, lived in Israel for a while, got married, had kids, and worked as an office manager for a nurse midwife for about ten years. When we decided to move to Maine, I took the opportunity to explore different types of jobs that would more closely fit my career aspirations. When I looked into… Read more >>

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Benefits of Complimentary HIMSS Membership for Students & How to Join

Doctor displaying the process for a student to sign up for their HIMSS Membership
As a HIMSS Organizational Affiliate, the University of New England proudly offers students complimentary membership to the global Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) organization. Moreover, as a  HIMSS Approved Education Partner (AEP), students have the opportunity to learn curriculum that has met the rigorous academic standards set by HIMSS. As a member of this exclusive group, UNE prepares students for advanced knowledge in health information and technology. Moreover, through HIMSS’s Organizational Affiliate program, UNE Online can offer staff and students a plethora of resources they can use to succeed at their jobs and in the industry. This partnership enables UNE Online students to get hands-on experience, network, and even contribute to the industry while they’re completing their… Read more >>

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Health Informatics Practicum Overview

Health Informatics Practicum Experience
The Master of Science in Health Informatics is a master’s degree that can be completed 100% online in six semesters, or two full years, assuming a student takes two courses per semester. Students enrolled in this program complete ten required courses, two elective courses, and a field practicum experience. We spoke to Nan Solomons, the field practicum coordinator for the Graduate Programs in Health Informatics, about the Health Informatics practicum experience. What is the field practicum experience? At UNE Online, the field practicum experience is made up of two 16-week courses taken concurrently. The two courses that make up this experience are Health Informatics Capstone (HIN 740) and Cumulative Experience in Health Informatics (HIN 745). Course descriptions Health Informatics… Read more >>

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Top Health Technology Trends & Insights

Graphic with rising arrow to depict emerging health information technology
As we entered the second half of 2018, our Graduate Programs in Health Informatics weighed in on the major trends we can look forward to seeing in healthcare. The landscape of the industry changes regularly, but some prominent tech improvements continue to stand out. The following three emerging health information technology examples are advancing healthcare’s mission of delivering more efficient and effective care, and ensuring that patient service and security remain the focus in that pursuit. 1. Telemedicine Mobile health continues to lead the fight towards improving patient engagement and experience. Although this strategy and practice has existed within healthcare in past years, telemedicine is currently making its biggest impact yet. As access to healthcare is becoming more limited… Read more >>

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American Tech Giants Enter the Race to Improve Healthcare

Illustration of a doctor pointing to a clipboard with several logos around his head such as Amazon, Google, and Apple to depict healthcare tech
The United States spends more than $3 trillion annually on health care, making it the fifth largest industry in the country. In 2017, ten of the largest American tech giants entered the healthcare race and became involved in health care equity deals valued at more than $2.7 billion, up 90% since 2012. As technology begins to shape the future of healthcare, the demand for health professionals such as those well-versed in health informatics continues to climb. The Stunning Growth of Tech in Healthcare In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was signed into law. This bill provided economic stimulus in areas like tax relief, social welfare provisions, and unemployment benefits. Included in this $787 billion legislation, 20% was… Read more >>

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Infographic: What is Health Informatics?

An infographic that explains the Master in Health Informatics program and how it combines healthcare and health technology
Learn more about the field that intersects healthcare and health technology to empower people to lead healthier lives. The Master of Science in Health Informatics degree at UNE Online centers its approach around the student experience and how each student experiences education. We pioneer our programs to be innovative through technology, focused on three specific areas of study, and aligned to produce career-ready professionals to lead in healthcare. As demand for experts in this field continues to rise, UNE Online works hard to ensure that you are ready to join the field and complete the program in two years or fewer. Read below about all the ways UNE Online’s competitive design and structure can suit your personal goals and needs.… Read more >>

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Faculty Spotlight: Liz Zampino, Health Informatics program

Elizabeth Zampino
Liz Zampino is an adjunct faculty member at UNE Online in the Health Informatics program and is long-time professional in the world of health informatics, focusing on mobile health application design and adoption. Recently we spoke with Liz about her background as a Health Informatics professional, and her experience at UNE Online. Can you tell me a little about your background and how you got into the field of health informatics? I have a background in IT, and so it was a natural progression for me to go into clinical informatics. I was inspired to change my career path In 2004 when I was hospitalized for a few months due to a rare chronic disease. My time in the hospital… Read more >>

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Health Informatics Trends – with Liz Zampino

top health informatics trends
Liz Zampino is not only an adjunct faculty member at UNE Online in the Health Informatics program – she is also a long-time professional in the world of health informatics in the realm of mobile health application design and adoption. Last year she led a #HITedu Twitter Chat on behalf of UNE Online, on the topic ‘Engaging Patients in Mobile Health Design.’ We sat down with Liz recently to get her take on the top health informatics trends from the largest Health Informatics conference, HIMSS. You first went to HIMSS ten years ago when it was a fledgling event. How has it changed? Ten years ago, a great deal of the trade show floor was taken up… Read more >>

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Joseph Walton, PharmD, MS, BCPS – Health Informatics

Dr. Joseph Walton
Dr. Joseph Walton is a faculty member in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies in the Health Informatics program, and has some fascinating projects going on in his professional career. We spoke with Dr. Walton recently about his work in the field of Health Informatics, and how he creates a sense of community among his online students. Can you tell me a little bit about your background and what drew you to teaching at UNE Online? I have been in the Pharmacy Informatics field for about five years now. I graduated from pharmacy school with a dual degree, earning both a Pharm.D. and a Master’s in Science and Technology Management. Throughout my education, I was able to incorporate a… Read more >>

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Health Informatics: New Focus Areas!

Health Informatics at UNE Online, new focus areas
The Health Informatics program at UNE Online offers two options – a 36 credit-hour Master of Science in Health Informatics program that can be completed in as little as two years, and a Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics that can be completed in just one year. Both programs are 100% online, with no campus visits required, and no GRE required. Very recently, we introduced three new optional focus areas for the Health Informatics program. Health Informatics: a stackable course plan The Health Informatics courses that we offer in the Master’s degree here at UNE Online are structured in an intentional way. All 12 courses required for the Master’s degree are listed below. If you were to take just classes 1–6… Read more >>

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