Opportunity available to go abroad with UNE’s Ghana Health Partnership!  

A fortnight in Ghana UNE's cross-cultural opportunity
Study abroad to engage in direct health services, interprofessional collaboration, community education, and cross-cultural exchange. Open to students and alumni of UNE Each May, UNE students work alongside the Ghana Health Service, community health educators and the community, in a two-week Cross-Cultural Health Immersion initiative. A chance to effect positive change This annual effort involves collaboration between UNE, the Ghana Health Service, and local Ghana health practitioners to provide primary care, health education, and clinical services to community members in the city of Sekondi and two rural nearby villages. Learning is facilitated by interprofessional collaboration American and Ghanaian public health professionals, social workers, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, physician assistants, and optometrists experience the opportunity to learn from, with, and…

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Changes in the MPH Curriculum at UNE Online

MPH curriculum change
The Graduate Programs in Public Health at UNE Online is pleased to announce changes to the MPH curriculum for students who started in or after May 2018. These changes are to make sure that our curriculum aligns with new competencies published by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) in 2016, and to improve student outcomes. That said, if you began your program earlier, it would still be beneficial to review the changes to the MPH curriculum and follow the suggested order of classes, which is designed to enhance your learning and success. Other changes have taken place program-wide or within electives, and are of benefit to all students no matter when you began your studies with UNE Online.…

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