Meet Our Team: Tomisa Emerson

Tomisa Emerson, Enrollment Counselor
‘Meet our Team’ spotlights are just one way we like to share a little bit about the people like Tomisa Emerson who are dedicated to UNE Online’s signature student-centric experience.  What do you do here at UNE Online? I’m an Enrollment Counselor for the graduate nutrition programs. I’m here to provide prospective students with all the information they need to know about their desired program, guide them through the application process, and set them up for a successful start on their graduate journey! What stands out to you in the Applied Nutrition that you work within? Something that stands out to me about our MSAN – Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Program specifically is that we incorporate the Supervised Experiential Learning hours…

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Alumni Spotlight: Melanie Berdyck, MSAN

Melanie Berdyck, MSAN, UNE Online Alumna
We interviewed Melanie Berdyk, MSAN, when she was a Student Ambassador in the Applied Nutrition program at CGPS in 2018. Here’s an update on what she’s up to, how she is using her MSAN in her career, and how her MSAN has helped her with career advancement. Can you give us an overview of what you’ve been up to since graduation? Since my graduation in August of 2018, I’ve continued to work in corporate nutrition – counseling patients, and working in a retail environment. I’ve found that I’ve been able to apply a lot of the knowledge and research from my graduate degree to a wide variety of real-life work situations. I’m impressed with the amount of information I…

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Faculty Spotlight: Angelina Moore Maia, PhD, RD, LD, Applied Nutrition Program

Faculty Spotlight: Angelina Moore Maia, PhD, RD, LD, Applied Nutrition Program Assistant Director, Graduate Programs in Applied Nutrition for the Master’s degree in nutrition online
Dr. Maia is the MSAN Assistant Director/Director of RDN Focus at UNE Online. Here, she talks about her background, what drew her to the field of nutrition, and why she is passionate about being an influence on what education looks like for people who intend to become a registered dietitian and get their master’s degree in nutrition online. Can you tell me a little about your background and what drew you to teaching at UNE Online? I’ve been a registered dietitian for almost 19 years, practicing in Maine and Massachusetts. I’ve enjoyed time in the clinical setting, working with Nutrition Support Teams in large teaching hospitals as well as a variety of positions in outpatient counseling, including a School Nutritionist…

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Reflections of an Online Student: My First Grad Course

Crystal Dee, MSAN Applied Nutrition Student
For a while now I have known that {for me} going back to school was absolutely necessary. It took some time to get to the point where I was comfortable pulling the trigger and picking a program. It also took a lot of soul searching. I looked at topics everywhere from Psychology/Counseling to an MBA. Nothing really seemed to fit. That is until my love for health and nutrition seeped into my work life. From scratch, I started our company’s first step challenge. We did a trial run in our office and it really took off. There were “walking meetings” and “walking lunch breaks” taking place. All so their team could achieve the most steps and so that they…

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Student Spotlight: Jackson Long – Applied Nutrition Program

Jackson Long, Student in the Master of Science in Applied Nutrition program
Jackson Long, a Master of Science in Applied Nutrition student from Boulder, Colorado, is passionate about plant-based eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Jackson’s interest in nutrition was piqued during his time as a competitive cyclist, as he sought out the optimal diet for his athletic performance. His initial interest in nutrition gradually grew into a passion for helping others on their own health journeys, which ultimately led him to UNE. From Competitive Cycling to Nutrition Growing up in Sun Valley, Idaho, Jackson participated in and loved outdoor sports from a young age. He spent much of his free time skiing and then later got into cycling. This passion for physical fitness led Jackson to study integrated physiology at the…

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