What do online graduate students want from instructors? Just ask them.

Online Graduate Students Instructional strategies for online learning are a frequent topic of these posts, for good reason. A well designed online course relies on an intentional approach to learning supported by evidence and learning theory. Formative feedback, authentic learning, and instructor presence are examples of instructional strategies that are well-supported and effective for online learning. Using the right instructional strategies to facilitate learning is not only important to instructors and instructional designers, it is also important to students. So what do graduate students want? In a recently published study, online graduate students were asked what they wanted from instructors to facilitate learning. The most frequent responses were: “. . . 1) be available and responsive to students, 2) engage/interact with… Read more >>
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Articles We've Been Reading

Resource Articles With the longer weekend approaching, we thought we’d curate a few of the resources that have interested us these last couple weeks for your reading pleasure. The opinions expressed in these articles don’t always reflect our own. Rather, we share them because we think they compel conversation, which we’re happy to have with our readers in the comments field below.  Inception learning: La Trobe University addition fits entire campus into existing city building – Architecture and Design May 25, 2017 A university in Australia fits its entire, post-graduate targeted campus into a single office building. Current Term Enrollment Estimates – Spring 2017 – National Student Clearing House Research Center May 23, 2017 Enrollment trends over the past several years show… Read more >>
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Benefits of Taking Notes by Hand

mac and paper Do you take notes by hand? In distance education, many students type lecture notes on their computers, rather than writing on paper. After all, students use laptops to watch lectures, answer assessment questions, and participate in class discussions. It’s only natural to use the same device for taking notes, too, right? Not so fast. Last year, Pam A. Mueller and Daniel M. Oppenheimer, researchers from Princeton University and the University of California, studied how the two note-taking methods affect student assessment performance. The results? In short, they found that taking notes on a laptop can “negatively affect performance on educational assessments.” If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re already nodding your head in agreement: Of course, computers can harm… Read more >>
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Annotate the Web with the Hypothesis Tool Extension

Hypothesis Pop-Up One of the most powerful differences between printed text and digital text, as we’ve already covered, is the ability to annotate in the margins as you would a physical book. We’ve talked about tools that allow you to annotate screenshots, and tools that allow you to curate, then annotate, webpages and articles–now, I want to cover a tool, and point anyone interested toward the philosophy that underpins its existence, that allows you to annotate the web directly. Annotate the web The tool is called Hypothesis, and it is the product of a team that goes by the same name. Hypothesis lives in your browser and allows you to annotate text when you highlight a section of text… Read more >>
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Dropbox or ...?

Box Logo Types of Cloud Storage Services – 3 and 3 – Part 1 (In Part 2, I’ll return to talk about Drive, OneDrive and iCloud) Box, Copy and Dropbox This group of cloud services is simpler than the group I will cover in this two-part series, “Types of Cloud Storage Services.” Box, Copy and Dropbox provide some ancillary services, but their focus is in providing cloud storage and sharing. All install a folder directly on your computer which you can drag files into and out of in order to upload or download those files from the cloud. Sharing with these tools is simple: You put the file in the folder, share the file with those other [whatever the service is]… Read more >>
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