Easier Reading with Beeline Reader

Beeline Reader One of the most exciting aspects of online education is how the environment, with its quickly evolving technologies, is making content easier to consume. Some of these developments are more exciting than others, and many are more well-intentioned than they are actually helpful, but I thought I would take the opportunity to show you one that I’ve heard a little bit about and, having tried, I found to be quite impressive. Beeline is a browser-based extension that automatically applies a color spectrum to online text to make it easier to read. The shifting colors (editable colors, by the way) guide the eye from one line to the next, and—according to the group behind Beeline—actually allow people to read faster. I’m… Read more >>
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Grab Text from Images with Project Naptha

Project Naptha Images are powerful tools for communication, and we try to use them in our courses wherever we can. A picture can speak a thousand words, as they say. More practically, a quiz asking students to identify the bones of the human skeleton makes more sense visually than as text. At the same time, however, images can be extremely frustrating if they contain text of any kind. Text in an image is, most likely, not screen readable. Have you ever tried to copy/paste text from an image? The reason why you couldn’t is because, to your computer, that text doesn’t exist. Try to highlight these words in bold. Now try to highlight the text in the image below. Screen-readability is an… Read more >>
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