The first week of your course - Webinar

Webinar Series We know that courses start for the instructor days before they start for the students and that those few days both before and after the beginning of a term can be spent wisely to make the next eight or sixteen weeks as efficient and enjoyable as possible. So, we put together this webinar detailing steps to take in the first week of your course to make the rest of the course as successful as possible:     In the video, we mention both a supplemental tools and tutorials doc and a supplemental outline doc. Additionally, you may find the notes we used for the presentation useful. Do you have a process for getting ready for and managing the first… Read more >>
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How Students View the Feedback Provided in Rubrics

Feedback Rubrics This is for instructors and students alike. For those of you who are instructing, this could come in handy as a resource for any students who are claiming they can’t find the feedback you know you provided for their assignment. As a first step in addressing that issue, consider sending the student to this post. For students…well, of course this is handy! One of the most important interactions you can have with your teacher is his or her feedback following an assignment, including feedback rubrics that were provided at the start of the course. Don’t let it go to waste! We’ve heard that some students may have been struggling to locate this rubric-contextual feedback in their gradebook, so we’ve put… Read more >>
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Webinar: Designing Rubrics

Webinar Series In today’s webinar for faculty members, Designing Rubrics, Chris Malmberg and Sarah Cochran disucss the methods you can use for taking full advantage of the rubrics in your courses, both to grade students fairly and give them quality feedback.  There were many questions throughout, which we answered as best we could, but if you have more questions please write them in the comments below.
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