Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Henri Moser, Learning Specialist

Henri Moser, Ph.D.
Dr. Henri Moser is a Learning Specialist with the Student Academic Success Center at UNE Online. He presents online workshops to groups and works one-on-one in live videoconference sessions with our graduate students, working with them on subject-specific tutoring for statistics and research, as well as graduate-level learning strategies. Can you tell me a little about your background and what drew you to working with students at SASC? For 15 years I taught public school, kindergarten through eighth grade. When my family and I moved to Maine, I expected to continue teaching kids, but immediately learned about this job, teaching college and graduate-level material. I found the transition easy, and I quickly became pretty interested in adult learning theory –…

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How to Write Excellent Graduate-Level Papers

How to write an excellent graduate-level paper
“How to Write Excellent Graduate-Level Papers” brought to you by the Student Academic Success Center (SASC) at UNE. Becoming a better writer – the process Breaking a writing project down into phases helps with motivation as well as managing your time and workload effectively. The phases of the process – prewriting, drafting, revision, and editing – are described below. Each step allows you to focus your energy in a particular way, with it all adding up to a more thoughtful, clear piece of writing. The phases don’t have to be done in a set, linear order, if that’s not effective for you. If you like to write some rough draft paragraphs first, then go back and do a post-draft outline…

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Faculty Spotlight: Lori Rand, Writing Specialist

Lori Rand, Writing Specialist at the Student Academic Success Center (SASC)
Lori Rand is the Online Writing Specialist for the Student Academic Success Center (SASC) based here on the Portland Campus. Recently, we sat down and discussed a typical day for her, how she provides writing consultation for UNE students, and what she has found to be the most helpful for developing effective graduate-level writing skills. What does a typical day look like for you? I don’t really have a typical day! Within our online CGPS (College of Graduate and Professional Studies) student population, many – if not most – of our students work full time. This means we maintain an appointment schedule that includes evenings and weekends. Two part-time, professional writing consultants, Mary Katherine and James, also help cover these…

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