Spotlight on Kim Marshall, PharmD, Pharmacist and Subject Matter Expert

Kim Marshall is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for UNE’s latest online course, Pharmacology.
Kim Marshall, PharmD is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for UNE’s latest online course, Pharmacology. In addition to developing innovative new course content for the new BIOL 1070: Pharmacology course, Kim will also be using her skills on the front line, being one of the heroes that will be distributing a vaccine for COVID-19 to high-risk patients. How were you chosen to be among the first to administer the COVID-19 vaccine? I was in one of the first groups of pharmacists to become immunizers in the late 2000s, so I’ve been a vaccine pharmacist for a long time now. I had a former colleague get in touch with me regarding the opportunity through the Michigan Department of Health and

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Tim Bohinski, Science Prerequisites Program

Dr. Tim Bohinski, Medical General Chemistry II instructor in our Science Prerequisites for the Health Professions program
Dr. Tim Bohinski has a Doctorate in Physical Chemistry and is a Medical General Chemistry II instructor in our Science Prerequisites for Health Professions program. He has a deep interest in chemistry which he has applied in several different fields. Currently, he works with ultrafast lasers – and in a very recent development, a division of the company he works for was recently able to image the proteins of the coronavirus – which will lead to breakthroughs for a vaccine. Read on to learn more about Dr. Bohinski and his passion for teaching chemistry through real-world applications. Portland, ME (home of UNE) has a vibrant brewery community, with new breweries coming online all the time. Can you tell me a…

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Faculty Spotlight: Llanie Nobile, Science Prerequisite Program

Llanie Nobile, Science Prerequisites for Health Professions instructor for Medical Biochemistry 1005
Llanie Nobile is an instructor for the online Medical Biochemistry I (CHEM 1005) class. She also serves as our Adjunct Faculty Representative and is an actively contributing member at our Faculty Assembly meetings. Read more about her below! Can you tell me a little more about the work you do/have done in your field? As a subject matter expert in the chemistries, I’ve done several projects ranging from course development to content verification. I’ve designed, recorded and launched courses for American College of Education, Keiser University, Florida Atlantic University, and Herzing University (to name a few). I’ve also handled contracts with the ACT and StraighterLine. Previously, I established an AS and BS Biotechnology program with internships in the various areas…

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Marta Frisardi – SPHP Program

Marta Frisardi Instructor for the Science Prerequisites for Health Professions program
Dr. Marta Frisardi is an instructor with UNE Online’s Science Prerequisites for Health Professions program. Here’s a little bit more about her professional experience, how she engages her online students, and how she feels that her courses prepare her students for life after school. Can you tell me a little bit about your background and what drew you to teaching at UNE Online? I have been teaching and consulting in biology, microbiology and genetics courses for universities, colleges, and community colleges for more than 27 years now. I initially got involved at UNE when I was asked by professors at the medical school to design a Microbiology course with a lab for the online program. What do you teach right…

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