How to stay motivated in an online class

Staying Motivated in Online Classes As human beings, our behaviors and our goals are bridged by many factors, a major one being motivation. In essence, the more motivated we are, the more likely we are to act towards the goal. Similarly, as motivation diminishes, so does performance. In the context of online learning, sustaining motivation is vital in committing to the assignments as well as optimizing the learning experience. As students identify motivating factors, their willingness and eagerness to tackle the classroom will likely follow accordingly. Research also shows the importance of motivation in the dynamic relationship between cognitive, emotional, and behavioral engagement. As a student, this means that staying motivated is a key element in not only completing coursework, but also in advancing your… Read more >>
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Writing Great Assignment Instructions: Tips for Success

Writing Great Assignment Instructions The development of creative, authentic assignments that align with course objectives is always an exciting process. However, guiding students with clearly written assignment instructions can be challenging. We owe it to our busy online students to provide clear, concise instructions that prepare them for success. This week’s blog will provide some tips to help you to do just that. Start with a Statement of Purpose Just as a great essay begins with a strong thesis statement that reveals something of the purpose and direction of the writing, great assignment instructions begin with a clear statement of purpose that provides a brief overview of the assignment. A strong statement of purpose will provide some indication of the context (where the assignment… Read more >>
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Where the hard drive ends: Why you need to back up your computer

Hard Drive Backups I’d wager that most people reading this blog have some important documents and files stored on their computers and phones. I’d also be willing to bet that less than half of those people have backed up their devices. I don’t blame them – backups are really, really boring. But, in this case, the opposite of boring is misery, because losing all or some of your files can be a horrible (and maybe even expensive) experience. Here are a few tips to get you moving on the road to Backup-land. The key to backups is redundancy. That means you need to have multiple copies of your files spread out over more than one location. Even if your files are stored in… Read more >>
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