New England HIMSS 2018 Maine Conference Hosted by UNE Online

2018 New England HIMSS Conference

UNE Online is proud to host the 2018 Maine Conference, presented by the New England Chapter of HIMSS this November. Reserve My Ticket About HIMSS, New England Chapter The New England Chapter of HIMSS is proud to have one of the largest regional membership bases with participants representing all six New England states. As of June 2018, this chapter welcomed 3,325 members. Chief among the missions the chapter is pursuing is to foster professional growth, relationships, knowledge, and collaboration among healthcare information management professionals throughout the New England territory. Additionally, the organization is committed towards developing educational programs, networking opportunities and provider/patient events like the 2018 Maine Conference to meet the ever-changing interests of its chapter members. National Vision, Local Focus The New England HIMSS Chapter represents the New England region for HIMSS. This region includes all of the New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. In pursuing the vision and mission of both HIMSS… Read More >

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Networking for Success: Tips for UNE Online students

tutoring service

Research has shown that establishing personal links through networking can give you a professional boost. Networking activities are a key tool for strengthening your position in your field and have proven to have tangibly positive career implications for participants. In this post, we talk about networking for success, how to build your networking skills, and how you can put your networking plan into action. Expand your network – who do you know? Networking isn’t about talking to a large number of people; it’s about listening. The most effective networkers are those people who take the time to delve more deeply into relationships and find out if there is opportunity to build a lasting bond. But as an online student, what networking opportunities are available to you? We have some suggestions: Get connected with the UNE community on Alumnifire Alumnifire for UNE is a grassroots networking community that we launched in 2016. It’s an online professional networking and mentoring tool for… Read More >

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Webinar: Blockchain Practice & Principles in Healthcare

The UNE Online Master of Science in Health Informatics program is happy to present this webinar bringing together three experts in the field of blockchain: Rob Dolci, President, and CEO of Aizoon USA, a technology company specializing in solving challenges through innovation by designing and developing software systems for smarter factories and more secure networks. Todd Kitchens, a University of New England graduate from the College of Osteopathic Medicine, who works as a physician and digital health expert in Maine. Sean Manion, CEO of Science Distributed, a science research company that develops systems of sharing and security through blockchain technology. We explore the world of blockchain as it applies to healthcare and its efforts to improve security measures and enhance the overall patient experience.

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How to Request Your UNE Online Transcript

How to request your UNE Online transcript

A transcript is an official document. It shows which classes you took at the University of New England, and your grades in those classes. If you would like to order a transcript from UNE, please follow the steps below. The steps to request your transcript are the same for: Science Prerequisites for the Health Professions (SPHP) Post-Baccalaureate Courses Matriculated students Non-matriculated students Online transcript requests Navigate to the UOnline website: Click “LOGIN HERE” Login Username your Noreaster ID (your email address, excluding the part) Password is the same as your student email Click “Student Services ” Click “Student Records ” To view your transcript Click “Academic Transcript” Select Transcript Levelj Click “Submit” To request your official transcript Click “Request Printed/Official Transcript” Follow prompts Two additional methods of requesting your transcript Transcripts can also be requested in person at the Registrar’s office, or via fax. Instructions and forms for both of these methods can be found on the Registrar’s… Read More >

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2018 Commencement at UNE Online

Commencement 2018 Hooding

The College of Graduate and Professional Studies congratulates the class of 2018! Each spring, the College of Graduate and Professional Studies (CGPS) holds a college-wide commencement ceremony to honor doctoral and masters-level graduates and celebrate the successful completion of their studies. CGPS Commencement does not replace the university-wide commencement held at Cross Insurance Arena each May. Rather, it is a special time to come together to meet fellow students, Faculty, Program Managers and Student Support Specialists for the first time, and celebrate the fact that our graduates have completed this phase of their journey. About the 2018 UNE CGPS Commencement Ceremony In years past, the CGPS Commencement Ceremony used to be called the “Hooding” ceremony. CGPS Commencement, as it is now known, is similar to a graduation in that faculty and students are dressed in academic attire. There are opening remarks, a keynote speech, and then the graduates are adorned with a ceremonial item that resembles a hood, “…which,” as… Read More >

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Developing a Time Management Plan for Online Graduate Study

Sample study schedule

Developing a time management plan is an important tool to help you balance the demands on your time. The majority of UNE Online students have full-time jobs in addition to their coursework – so in order to fit everything in, time must be handled efficiently. For the most part, classes follow a rhythm; due dates for assignments are on Wednesdays and Sundays. We’ve designed this pattern to make it easier to establish a routine around which you can reliably plan your weeks. Plan for 15-20 focused hours a week For each online graduate course you take, you should estimate 15-20 hours of focused study time per week. Some weeks may require more time, some weeks you may have a lighter workload. Ideally, we recommend logging into your course daily for a minimum of 90 minutes a day. If you make some progress every day, you’ll stay on top of your reading and avoid time crunches. Map out your weekly schedule To… Read More >


Free Community Event: Screening of the Documentary Resilience

Resilience movie screening free community event

UNE Online and the Junior League of Portland have teamed up again this year and are proud to present the documentary Resilience: The Biology of Stress & Science of Hope. The event will begin 5:30 pm with opening remarks from Arabella Perez, LCSW of UNE’s Master of Social Work program, to discuss her work with trauma-informed care. The screening will follow. About the documentary Resilience This 68-minute documentary delves into the science of ACEs and the birth of a new worldwide movement to treat and prevent Toxic Stress. The movie premiered at Sundance Film Festival to sold-out houses. Resilience is the second documentary by director James Redford (son of Robert Redford) that addresses ACEs. The first was Paper Tigers, which follows six students during a school year at Lincoln High School in WA, the first trauma-informed high school in the U.S. Paper Tigers has been screening to sold-out audiences around the U.S. since it premiered at the Seattle Film Festival last… Read More >

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UNE Online’s 2018 Portland, ME City Guide & Map

2018 Portland, Maine City Guide from UNE Online

Portland is a bustling city on Maine’s southern coast, renowned for its restaurant scene, a plethora of breweries, beautiful coastline and opportunity for hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing and most anything having to do with getting outdoors to experience nature. Our team at UNE Online has curated this post with their top recommendations for what visitors should see, eat, drink and do while they are visiting our vibrant city. Other than visiting our Portland campus, of course! Download the 2018 UNE Online Portland City Guide (PDF) We’ve updated last year’s recommendations and this year’s map to include some of the amazing new spots that have opened up since we published last year’s guide. To take a look at some of the spots we recommended in last year’s guide, you can view the full post here. We also suggest making restaurant reservations in advance where available, as Portland’s restaurant scene is HAPPENING. (Check out our team page here. Maybe you’ll spot a… Read More >

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Learning efficiently: 6 steps to success in your online graduate education

6 tips to becoming a successful online student

The best thing about a self-paced program is that its self-paced. That’s also the worst thing about online learning. You’re a working professional, and odds are, you’ve worked from home before. Studying at home, just like working from home, is wonderful, convenient, and comfortable. It’s also easy to get off track. 6 strategies for success in online graduate classes 1. Turn off the distractions It’s tempting to play music or have a television on as background noise, and for some people, it can help set a relaxing environment, but the minute you find yourself distracted by it – turn it off. It may also help to visually pare down your study environment. I also came across some distraction-free writing tools that were highly recommended. Coffitivity is my very favorite tool to use to drown out background distractions. 2. Establish a study zone If you can, dedicate a specific room of your house to become a “study zone.” Try to use this space only… Read More >

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Authentic Learning and Assessments: Readying Online Students for the Real-W

broken pencil

Last week at UNE Online’s first ever Online Learning Symposium     , I had the opportunity to share our goal of creating learning experiences and assessments that are not only rigorous and research-based, but also authentic to real work and real life, so that when our students leave us, they have the tools to use their knowledge as scholar-practitioners in their own fields. Now, my ID team colleagues and I always love to geek out on pedagogy topics like this one, but for me right now, this is a particularly timely (dare I say, authentic?) topic, as my younger son recently took on that painful rite of passage that is the PSAT. It definitely opened a dialogue in our household about what that particular standardized test really says about what students can do. So, if you are a teacher, how, in your classroom, do you know when your students are ready to move on? Alternatively, as a student, when… Read More >

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NEASC (or NECHE) Accredited - What it means & why it’s important

NECHE logo

The University of New England has been continuously accredited by NEASC since 1966. Our dedication to accreditation affirms UNE’s culture of continuous reflection and assessment in our learning community as well as helping UNE set and pursue its strategic goals. Note: In late 2018, NEASC separated its higher education commission out into an individual organization called NECHE. This restructuring does not affect UNE’s accreditation status; from our perspective, it is simply a name change. About NECHE The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) is now the federally recognized regional accreditor for the six New England States after assuming the business functions of the Commission previously managed by NEASC. The Commission states that its “dual role of quality assurance and quality improvement remains in place.” You can find more information about the change in the Commission’s announcement letter. In the United States, accreditation is an important way for students, families, government officials, the press and the public to know that an… Read More >

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5 Secrets of a Successful Online Student

Tips for Online Students

Getting an advanced degree online requires drive… and plenty of discipline. The majority of UNE Online graduate students have a full-time job in addition to their schoolwork, and so purposefully have to carve out a space to get coursework done. Taking online courses requires time management. With in-person classes, you have to actually drive to a classroom and sit there next to other students and your instructor. With online education, there are no physical location requirements. Online school helps you maximize your time. Most likely, that’s why you chose this path, or are at least seriously considering it. You can fit your education in between other important obligations, but you also know you have to prioritize. The following are five secrets of a successful online student: Develop a time management plan and follow it Managing your time efficiently is absolutely crucial for online graduate students, as online classes can take a considerable amount of time. Most UNE Online students have… Read More >

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US News and World Report 2017

Best Colleges Regional Universities North 2017

The University of New England is honored to be included among the “Best Regional Universities, North” by U.S. News & World Report for 2017. U.S. News & World Report’s rankings condense a great deal of information about the quality of the education at each school they evaluate, making it easier for students to compare the academic quality of schools. U.S. News & World Report’s rankings are based on collected data from more than 1,800 colleges and include such factors as SAT and ACT scores, acceptance rates, number of faculty, student-faculty ratios, and graduation and retention rates.  A full write-up on their methodology can be found on the U.S. News & World Report website. U.S. News & World Report’s rankings complements other national accolades UNE has garnered The Princeton Review: 381 Best Colleges Money Magazine: Best Colleges 2016-2017 Forbes: America’s 2016 Top Colleges Affordable Colleges Online: High ROI Colleges 50 Most Affordable Master’s Degree Programs: Best Masters Programs More can be found on… Read More >

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6 Communication Rules for Success in Online Student Groups

Group Project

“In this course you will have a group project…” I think it is fair to say we’ve all been let down by a working group or by individual team members. No matter the setting, there seems to be an aura of dread when group projects are announced.  Add in the fact that online graduate students work within virtual spaces, and it is easy to understand why nervousness sets in. With a few simple communication rules, the group experience can become one of the highlights of your online education. The foundations of great group projects… Here at the University of New England, we value appropriate and productive group experiences because we are preparing students for the modern workplace – and teamwork is almost always part of the job. Our group projects are designed by instructional designers and subject-matter experts using the best-practices of online education design, instructional pedagogy, and assessments. It is critical to design group projects for learning success, and… Read More >

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A photo journey of the 2016 UNE Hooding Ceremony

UNE Online Hooding and Graduation 2016

Each spring, the College of Graduate and Professional Studies holds a Hooding ceremony to honor doctoral and master’s graduates and celebrate the successful completion of their studies. The Hooding ceremony is not meant to replace the university-wide commencement. Rather, it is a special time to come together to meet your fellow students, Faculty, Program Managers and Student Support Specialists for the first time, and celebrate the fact that you’ve completed this phase of your journey. Hooding at UNE is a heartwarming and sometimes emotional event. Connections are made, friendships cemented, milestones met. It’s a time that UNE sets aside to specifically to honor you – we are so, so very proud of you. About the 2016 UNE Hooding Ceremony The hooding ceremony itself is similar to a graduation in that faculty and students are dressed in academic attire. There are opening remarks, a keynote speech, and then the graduates are hooded. During the ceremony, the name of each graduate is called,… Read More >

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Embrace Opportunity

Embrace Opportunity at UNE Online

Think about using the start of this new year as a springboard for change… What are your passions? Your ambitions? When are you going to take that first step? How are you going to stay the course? In what part of your life would you like to shine more brightly? One of the most common traits throughout all of our UNE Online students is passion. Passion for work, passion for a long term goal, passion for excellence, passion for helping others. Passionate people have a sort of electric energy about them. They’re motivators, leaders, and paradigm shifters. Passionate people get things done. How do you become a passionate person? You start. You start somewhere. Make a decision for you So where are you going to decide to start? What does this new year in particular mean to you? New beginnings? New opportunities? A fresh start? All of the above? Of course, you can dream up reasons for why now isn’t the right time, this isn’t the… Read More >

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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting – it’s been quite a year for us all! To make sure our growing body of online students has every advantage, our Maine-based team has also grown tremendously. We welcomed several fresh new faces into the staff of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, moved offices across campus, implemented some wonderful new processes, transitioned a program into our college, and even launched the college’s first brand new program! With our new look, and new blog too, it’s definitely been a year of growth and vibrancy. Throughout all of this growth, we’ve tried our best to put our students at the very center of everything we do, every process we refine, and every strategic decision we make. Students are our heartbeat – so in the new year and beyond, we’ll be working on a whole new higher ed paradigm to serve our students even better – which has been so exciting! Ideas are constantly flowing, and the… Read More >


UNE Online Presents at AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

Victoria presenting at the AMA 2015

Victoria Hartig, marketing manager for the UNE’s College of Graduate and Professional Studies (CGPS), had the honor of being selected as a speaker at the American Marketing Association’s Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education this year, presenting on best practices for digital marketing strategy. Higher education’s largest marketing event This national AMA conference took place November 15-18, 2015 in Chicago, and attracted more than 1,300 higher education institutions who came together with the goal of growing their skills and knowledge of building strategic marketing campaigns to increase student enrollments. Sharing best practices Victoria’s presentation, titled ‘Marketing to your Ideal Candidate,’ covered the strategy, tactics, and digital marketing assets necessary to build and manage successful campaigns specifically targeted to higher ed audience segments. Victoria and the marketing team at UNE Online have implemented this same process for all of UNE Online’s graduate programs and have found that it has proven to be a vital contributing factor in CGPS’s growth and increased student enrollment. Other speakers included: Michele… Read More >

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UNE recognized for Best Online Graduate Programs

Best Online Masters Programs 2015

The University of New England has been recognized as one of the best online graduate schools by for Best Online Master’s Programs in 2015. UNE achieved top rankings for both the Master of Public Health and Master of Social Work programs. The Best Online Graduate Programs ranking is valuable because it assists potential post-secondary online students in finding what they need to identify a reputable master’s program, succeed in the program, and land a career that makes the most of their higher education. Evaluated among thousands of online education programs, UNE’s online MPH and online MSW programs were reviewed based on a range of competency areas that include: Dedication to online education Investment in academic support services Rigor of graduate-level studies Investment in career support services “We are very proud to receive this recognition for programs within our online college,” says Martha Wilson, Ph.D., Dean, College of Graduate and Professional Studies & Associate Provost for Online Worldwide Learning. “It is a testament not only to… Read More >

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Skip the admissions process with these online courses

UNE classes with no admissions

When do you NOT need to go through admissions? UNE Online’s Science Prerequisites for Health Professions classes are our exception to the admissions process rule. They do not require an admissions process at all. Simply log in, register for the class, pay, and begin on the first or third Wednesday of the month.  All of our classes are instructor-led, high-quality courses. They are taken a la carte, as you need them, so you can do just one class or a couple of classes at once. You can take as many of these courses as you need over time. Filling gaps – efficiently UNE has a strong history of preparing students for the health professions, and we were finding that a lot of students who wanted to transfer into our graduate programs were missing a class or two, so we started offering online courses to fill such gaps for students. Satisfying requirements – quickly At this time, we have 16 science prerequisite class offerings, and many… Read More >

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Get more out of your online education with... Facebook?


Because we feel Facebook doesn’t have *quite* enough content – we’ve created a new Facebook page, But to be serious, there’s a lot to be gained from joining us on Facebook. The potential benefits of Facebook for students are not only limited to academic development, but also personal, social and career development. Online social networks allow you to interact with your fellow students, your professors, and strengthen your network for the future. We are serious about creating a positive learning environment at UNE Online, and we feel that creating yet another avenue for increased communication will be beneficial to your online learning experience. Backed by science Studies have proven that education-based social networks can be used efficiently and effectively as a tool for improved online communications among students in online education courses. Fostering a sense of community is very important, especially in an online environment where you often don’t get the opportunity to meet face-to-face with other students or the instructor in the course. Since online social networks… Read More >

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'Affordable Colleges Online' ranks UNE for student ROI

Affordable Colleges Online High ROI

University of New England graduates enjoy one of the greatest lifetime returns on investment in Maine, according to Affordable Colleges Online, a website reporting on higher education affordability. The website ranked UNE second in student ROI (return on investment) among 43 public and private colleges and universities in Maine, including four-year, degree-granting, fully accredited non-profit institutions. Return on investment: ROI According to, ROI is “A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. To calculate ROI, the benefit (return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.” Essentially, ROI looks at the ability of a college graduate to secure a decent salary after graduation. Net tuition prices and graduates’ average starting salaries and ROI calculation were key factors in the rankings.  The ROI ranking utilized 30-year salary data from’s 2013 College Earnings Report. The rankings… Read More >

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