Blackboard Wiki Tutorial

Wiki Tutorial We’ve received a few questions over the years about just how the Blackboard Wiki works. Mostly, these questions are filtered our way via facilitators, who initially received the question from students who are looking at the tool for the first time. Concerned as we are that teachers understand the tools that their students are assigned to use, this is as much for them as it is for the students. Primarily, though, we’d like everyone to consider this a resource for students who are being asked to use the Blackboard Wiki tool for the first time, or who are being asked to use it again after enough time has passed that they have forgotten how to do so. So, without further… Read more >>
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Look at all these Writing Tools in Blackboard

Blackboard Features One of Blackboard’s strengths is the variety of tools it has that allow students to express themselves in writing. I’ve divided these tools into two camps, Individual and Social. Tools in the Individual camp are designed for writing projects that only the student and the teacher see; tools in the Social camp are designed to engage the class as a whole or students in groups. Individual Assignments   A Blackboard Assignment stores all the information from when the student submits his or her project through the assignment portal. The assignment portal links that information directly to a column in the grade center. Each submission is called an attempt, and any assignment can be programmed to allow multiple attempts or only… Read more >>
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