Tips and Practices for Creating Effective Online Learning Experiences

iPad and teapotIf you have an hour, you will enjoy spending it going through this BB/QMa Conrad presentation on Tips and Best Practices to Create Effective Online Learning Experiences. It’s straightforward and clean, and addresses the following concepts:

  • The Instructional Design Process (Formulate Objectives/Competencies>>Develop Assessment>>Specify Content and Strategies>>Choose Tools)
  • tips on dealing with each
  • the 21st Century Learner skills
  • 10 Core Learning Principles Guiding Design
  • 10 Best Practices of Online Teaching
  • 4 phases of a course

If an hour is too daunting, I have an easy alternative for you, the slideshow presentation.


Any time you have an idea or a question that others might benefit from learning about, shoot me an email and we will make it happen!


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