Using research in UNE Online courses to empower teachers

UNE Online student empowering researchResearch is a powerful tool. The ability to take a subject and complete your own primary research is invaluable when it comes to informed decision making. At UNE Online, research is at the heart of what we do.

As new teaching practices are in constant flux within the field of Education, UNE is continually working to align our courses to become even more intentional about the type of research that is required within each class. Classes integrate a thread of research through each 8-week session in order to teach students to not only be conversant on the differing terms and concepts that are presented in each class, but to gain the skill of initiating their own research.

In the majority of our courses, research articles needed for the lessons are provided for the students. But as we move forward with developing new courses and refreshing existing courses, our instructional designers, subject matter experts, and program staff are taking a hard look at this methodology. They’re systematically evaluating each course and working in teams to begin to strengthen the structure of a research-based model in order to empower teachers to become sophisticated consumers of research.

Learning advocacy

Self-advocacy is learning how to speak up for yourself, learning how to get information so that you can understand things that are of interest to you, knowing your rights and responsibilities, problem-solving, listening and learning, and learning about self-determination.

We recognize the importance of students to be able to advocate for themselves – so when new terms come up, or policies change, students are empowered to review the existing research on the topic, or even conduct their own primary research. Teachers are often informed about decisions that were made on the administrative level, and expected to comply. We are teaching these teachers to analyze issues through a scholarly researcher lens, so they can present a logical and fact-based argument to either support or challenge the information presented by their administration.

Empowering teachers to become consumers of research

In UNE Online classes, we promote the role of educator as researcher. Not only writing literature reviews and analyzing other people’s findings – but we are actively teaching students how to go out and find the information themselves. So when, in the real world, they find themselves without a professor to recommend articles in order to research their issue, they know how to find primary sources and analyze the findings on their own. Students are researching and analyzing the results in order to gain insight.

Here are two prime examples of how UNE Online is structuring courses to get the very best research results.

Teacher as Leader – EDU 600

This course enhances classroom-based experiences by linking them with professional research skills. Educators in this course will learn to locate and critically review a wide range of professional resources, articulate knowledge from a research-based framework, and collaborate with their peers on navigating school cultures. This course highlights the roles and responsibilities of leaders in a school setting.

Action Research – EDU 690

In this course, educators will explore action research within their own work setting. Educators will formulate a problem statement, conduct a literature review, design a study, identify which data to collect, conduct the study, analyze data, report the results of the analysis, and develop an action plan. The resulting product will be a professional quality action research report. Through a systematic and collaborative process, participants will utilize action research to reflect, analyze and enhance their professional practice. Educators will also develop technical writing skills which are important for professional communication, grant-writing, and administrative reporting tasks.

A masters degree will not teach you how to teach. We expect you have your methodologies down cold when you come in the door. Earning your master’s degree will take your learning to another level by enabling you to deepen your practice, advocate for your classroom and school need, and be a leader among your peers.

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