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I’ve called attention to web annotation tools in the past, the reason being that I am among those internet weirdos who thinks there are conversations to be had across domains that, right now, are difficult to maintain because commenting functionality is largely restricted to the domain in which any particular resource is published. Aggregators like Reddit and Imzy show the need for environments that allow us to talk about web resources in new contexts, as do scholarly research tools like Zotero and Mendeley. Web annotation allow those types of conversations to bounce more nimbly between these constructed contexts and the context of the article itself. My work in education has led me to think that this kind of engagement with online resources is important to foster in lifelong learners, and can indeed be used for research in online courses.


Highly is a new web annotation tool that lives in your browser and allows you to save, share and organize quotes from online resources. Because it integrates with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, quotes and articles can easily be shared with already-thriving communities.


A URL link can be used to share curated quotes to other communities, such as Blackboard courses. And, all resources that are annotated are collected in a dashboard that the user can navigate for finding and referencing archived resources/quotes.

I really like how easy Highly is to use. I think it could be a good first step for researchers, current and former students, to begin annotating their online resources. I also think it wouldn’t be too difficult to integrate a tool like Highly into an online course. If you are an instructor or instructional designer who has done something like this, or is interested in doing something like this, please let us know your impressions in the comments below.

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  1. Emily Johnson says:

    http://www.ruttl.com is good too. It’s pretty helpful to annotate websites quickly!

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