Webinar: Writing Effective Learning Outcomes

As the first installation of an effective course design series of webinars, here is our presentation on writing effective learning outcomes. Sue Farris, our Assessment Specialist, and Olga LaPlante, the ID for MSW-O, led this webinar.

Writing Effective Learning Outcomes

We invite you to take this quiz (anonymous, but graded, and with feedback) – you can take it before and after you review the presentation. Or you can do it mid-way after the first few slides.

If you would like to ask questions or add comments, please use the comment fields below.

Supplemental materials include:

Online Lecture Toolkit: Formulating Objectives

Curriculum Mapping & Giving Direction to Learning

For the Love of Rubrics

Tips for Strengthening Your Course Narrative

How to Write Compelling Final Project Prompts

Why do it: Essential Questions for Learning

Scaffolding for Learning

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