Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics

A 2-year completion degree program in competency-based format, 100% online – no campus visits required

The Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics at UNE is a degree-completion program intended for students wishing to advance their Associate’s degree or complete a second Bachelor’s degree. This competency-based program is also perfect for students who have earned partial degree credits and are looking to transfer pre-existing coursework and complete their bachelor’s degree. Students can transfer 60-credits of pre-existing coursework from any regionally accredited institution and complete the final years of their bachelor’s degree in our competency-based program. 

Our program consists of 120 competencies designed to comprehensively prepare students for a professional career in health informatics.  Each competency will award one-half credit hour upon completion, culminating in the conferral of a 120-hour bachelor’s degree.  Students must demonstrate mastery of each competency in order to earn their degree. 

What is Competency-Based Education (CBE) and how is it different?

Competency Based Education (CBE) is an education delivery model that puts an emphasis on mastering content rather than time spent in class. Its purpose is to ensure that students leaving the program are successfully equipped with all of the competencies required to succeed in their area of study.  In competency learning, instruction and assessment are based around a student’s demonstration that they have learned the knowledge and skill required in the program. Mastery of a skill occurs at the student’s own pace, with the support of a faculty mentor.

What is a subscription period?

The Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics program at UNE follows a subscription period model. Each subscription period is 16 weeks with a flat tuition fee for the subscription period. UNE offers three (3) subscription periods per year and students are able to take as many competencies as they feel they are able to successfully complete within the 16-week period. Student Advisors are available to provide guidance to enrolled students on the number of competencies that they commit to complete by the end of the subscription period.

Before the start of each subscription period, students will also consult with the Student Advisor to select a pathway. This pathway will dictate the number of competencies that a student commits to complete by the end of the subscription period. The pathway also marks full time or half time status and therefore dictates eligibility for student loan deferment and/or financial aid.

Is this the right program for me?

The Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics best suits a motivated learner. Most of our students are working professionals employed in the IT or health care sectors, or professionals wishing to enter those fields.

Students must have previously earned 60 credit hours to transfer into the program, and satisfy outlined general education and admissions requirements.

More information about the Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics program at the University of New England is available in the UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG

Enrolling in the program

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