Health Informatics Jobs in Maine: a White Paper

Health informatics landscape

Many people ask about Health Informatics jobs in Maine. The healthcare industry is a prominent and expanding employment field in Maine. Of the top ten largest private employers in the State of Maine, four are health systems.

Maine’s largest city, Portland, follows this broader state employment trend. Portland is home to the largest hospital in the state, Maine Medical Center, and is also the location of a diverse set of health analytics, technology, consulting, and insurance companies.

Portland, following a larger trend

As of 2016, Maine is home to five different Medicare-shared savings program accountable care communities:

All of these formal organizations, in addition to a multitude of value-based purchasing and insurance agreements, suggest the widespread adoption of the underlying Health Informatics capabilities associated with these accountable care practices.

Health Informatics jobs in Maine

Broken out by industry, the majority (80%) of health informatics jobs in Portland are concentrated in the insurance and healthcare sectors. While they represent a smaller portion of the health informatics employment market, tech firms and healthcare-focused non-profits are an emerging opportunity in the greater Portland health informatics landscape.

Health Informatics is a vibrant and growing field in Maine

When we look at Portland as a case study, we are able to see a series of connections linking diverse elements in the healthcare landscape. Using this data, Portland offers a glimpse into emerging health informatics employment opportunities, industry-wide.

What’s inside the Health Informatics White Paper?

Prepared by Hannah Young, Research & Strategy Analyst at the University of New England, this focused white paper addresses the following questions about the Health Informatics scene in Portland:

  • Where are Health Informatics professionals working?
  • What are they doing?
  • What are Health Informatics professionals paid?
  • What does this mean for workers?

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