What Does Rolling Admissions Mean?

What does rolling admissions mean?

Rolling admissions at UNE means that we process applications and accept students as we receive their applications. It’s that simple! But there’s a catch…

Alumni Hall at UNE Portland Campus, where many students have been accepted through rolling admissions

Alumni Hall at UNE Portland Campus,

Be proactive and be rewarded

We have a specific amount of spots to fill in the cohort, and once the spots are filled, they’re filled. Applying early could help your chances of admission.

The admissions process for graduate school at UNE Online

Our admissions team at UNE Online is continually reviewing and working toward streamlining the admissions process. We have made great strides in improving our process to make it faster and more efficient for you, and we continue to push for improvements. We try very hard to make this process as clear and easy as possible.

Getting into graduate school is definitely a multi-step procedure. You have already been through the application process to get into your undergrad program – so you probably remember that there are many pieces that need to be coordinated and it can get a little overwhelming. But like most things, the more you know up front and can plan for, the less stressful it becomes.

Gather your materials, and give yourself plenty of time

It takes longer than you would think to gather all of your materials. Colleges and universities sometimes need a couple of weeks to process your transcript request, especially during peak times. You need to factor that time in as well so you can get your transcripts in well ahead.

You’ll need to line up letters of recommendation as part of the application process, and your references need time to compose a recommendation letter for you. Quality takes time, so be sure to give your letter writer plenty of lead time to do you this courtesy.

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A recap of the rolling admissions process:

  1. Online admissions is different from traditional – complete your application sooner and get your answer sooner.
  2. The admissions committee likes to see your motivation, and applying early shows initiative.
  3. Cohorts fill fast. Secure your spot.
  4. Transcripts take a while to gather. Plan for this.
  5. Give your references ample time to write your letter of recommendation.
  6. Overall, allow yourself a good month to get your application processed.


When do you NOT need to go through the admissions process?

In every group, there’s always an exception. Our Science Prerequisite Classes for Health Professions classes are our exception to the admissions process rule. These classes are offered by UNE Online and taken a la carte. Click here to read more about Science Prerequisite classes.

Starting Your Application

In order to be considered for admissions to the online program of your choosing, you must complete an online application. Each graduate program provides its own admissions requirements, procedures, and deadlines. Click below to find out more about a particular graduate program of study and the application procedure for that program.

Program-specific application procedures:

If you have any questions, be sure to get in touch. Our enrollment counselors are specialists in their particular programs and have experience in advising students on every step of the process. For more information, you can also request a program brochure of your choice:

Request Information

Best of luck!

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  1. Ekaete Amos says:

    Its going to be difficult for one to apply for transcript during this COVID-19 lockdown. Please what’s the alternative document for the application. I started my application but I’m stock in document requirements.

  2. Priscilla says:

    In my situation, I don’t have any certificate yet I want to study. I want to know if there’s any test I can take now apart from TOFEL SAT…that will qualify me to be able to gain admission to study public Health.

  3. L says:

    What if people have taken some social work courses and UTs already?

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