UNE Online Courses: Science Courses to Satisfy Health Prerequisites

Many post-baccalaureate students use UNE Online courses as their required science prerequisites to get into health-related graduate programs.

Test tubes and beakers referenced in some online science classesUNE Online Science Prerequisites for Health Professions courses are offered 100% online.

UNE is regionally accredited through New England Commission on Higher Education (NECHE).

You may begin the class as long as you meet the prerequisites for the individual courses. 

Simply log in, register for the class, pay, and begin on the first or third Wednesday of the month.

All of our online prerequisites are instructor-led, high-quality courses. They are taken a la carte, as you need them, so you can do one class or as many UNE classes as you need.

Fill transcript gaps with UNE Online science prerequisites

UNE has a strong history of preparing students for the health professions, and we were finding that a lot of students who wanted to transfer into our graduate programs were missing a class or two.  So we started offering online science classes to fill such gaps for students.

UNE Online prerequisite classes available right now:

Double-check that your school accepts UNE Online courses

UNE is a regionally accredited university. Regional accreditation is the gold standard among colleges and universities – it is the most prestigious and most rigorous accreditation you can achieve as a school.

UNE science prerequisites are accepted at some of the most highly-ranked universities in the US, but before you sign up for this class, we recommend that you check with your target university to make sure that they accept our credits.

Like most things, a little homework beforehand can save you a lot of time and money in the long term.

Finish your prereqs quickly

UNE Online prerequisite courses are designed to be completed within 16 weeks, but they can be completed faster.

University of New England online courses are meant to help students fulfill application requirements for graduate programs, and sometimes those timelines can be condensed. You set the pace that best fits your schedule.

100% online – even the labs

Courses do not require the student to come to campus at any time. Even courses with a lab component can be taken 100% independently of the school’s physical location.

Two starts dates per month

Classes start every two weeks, on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. To begin, make a quick phone call to an enrollment counselor at (855) 325-0894, or go straight to the online class registration, open 24/7.

For a step-by-step tutorial for online class registration, click here.

The online self-registration portal is open and available 24 hours a day.

Click here to register for a science prerequisite class now! Or, feel free to “SHARE” using the icons below if you know someone who’s looking for an online prerequisite.

Learn more about our online science prerequisites courses

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