Instructional Design Services

Instructional Design is a team of course design experts who apply quality standards to design and implement and assess the effectiveness of instructional strategies delivered by online courses. The team is also responsible for planning, developing and delivering professional development experiences for faculty as they enhance their online teaching skills and integrate technology effectively into instruction.

Instructional Design Leadership

Dan Blickensderfer

Daniel Blickensderfer

Director of Learning Experience

(207) 221-4940

Instructional Design Team

Tom Gulino

Thom Gulino

Instructional Designer I

(207) 221-4995

Emily Hill, Student Support Specialist, UNE

Emily Hill

Instructional Designer I

(207) 221-4949

Natlie Hill

Natalie Hill

Instructional Designer I

(207) 221-4969

Olga Slasten-LaPlante

Olga LaPlante

Instructional Designer II

(207) 221-4973

Renee Parker 2019

Renee Parker

Instructional Designer II

(207) 221-4783

Michael Trombley, Instructional Designer for the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at UNE

Michael Trombley

Instructional Designer II

(207) 221-4878

Ahsley Ulm 2019

Ashley Ulm

Instructional Designer II


Amy Wright

Amy Wright

Instructional Designer I

(207) 221-4409