CHEM 1020: Organic Chemistry I Lecture CHEM 1020L: Organic Chemistry I Lab

CHEM 1020: Organic Chemistry I Lecture Course Overview

CHEM 1020 is a three-credit, lecture only, online organic chemistry course. This course will give the student interested in the health professions, an introduction to organic chemistry. The emphasis is on the concepts that will be important for, and provide the basis for, the subjects the student will encounter in his/her professional studies. Topics include biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and pharmacology.


CHEM 1020L: Organic Chemistry I Lab Course Overview

CHEM 1020L is a one-credit, lab only, online organic chemistry course. This course provides an introduction to organic chemistry lab content. The virtual laboratory emphasizes those aspects of organic chemistry that are relevant to the study of human health and metabolism. Whenever possible, correlations to medicine, health, and disease will be made.

*We offer the opportunity for you to take just the lecture, just the lab, or both together.

Lecture Course Outcomes

  • Students will be introduced to the different classes of organic compounds and their chemical nomenclature.
  • Students will understand how the different classes of organic compounds react to form new compounds.
  • Students will be introduced to methods for the synthesis of more complex organic compounds from simpler precursor compounds.
  • Students will gain an appreciation of the extraordinary variety and number of organic compounds and their importance to the maintenance and survival of living organisms as normal constituents of metabolism and also as therapeutic agents.

Lab Course Outcomes

  • Ask a question or define a problem that can be tested.
  • Hypothesize possible result(s).
  • Plan and/or conduct an investigation individually and/or collaboratively to produce data to serve as the basis for evidence.
  • Analyze data using tools, technologies, and/or models (i.e. computational, mathematical, graphical, etc.) in order to make valid and reliable scientific claims or determine an optimal design solution.
  • Communicate the results by constructing an explanation based on multiple pieces of valid and reliable evidence obtained from a variety of sources (including students’ own investigations, models, theories, simulations, peer review) and the assumption that theories and laws that describe the natural world operate today as they did in the past and will continue to do so in the future.
  • Apply scientific ideas, principles, and/or evidence gained from various experiments, as well as other observations and/or research, to provide an explanation of phenomena and solve design problems, taking into account possible unanticipated effects.

Course Prerequisites for Organic Chemistry I Lecture & Lab

  • Two semesters of college-level general chemistry (CHEM 1010/ CHEM 1011)

    * Please note these prerequisites are highly suggested and support course preparedness and success. We recommend having completed the listed prerequisites before enrolling and within the past seven years.

How do exams work?

All exams are taken online. Major exams are required to be proctored online through ProctorU. For instructions on how to take your exams online, visit UNE Online’s ProctorU site. Please note exams must also be proctored with the UNE-approved external webcam.


How do labs work?

For CHEM 1020L, most of the weeks include a laboratory assignment. You will perform all laboratory assignments in a non-laboratory setting, such as your kitchen. You will also complete one written lab report.

Tuition & Fees

CHEM 1020: Lecture Only


  • Credits: 3
  • Tuition: $1080
  • Registration: $30
  • Total: $1110*

CHEM 1020L: Lab Only


  • Credits: 1
  • Tuition: $360
  • Registration: $0
  • Total: $360*

CHEM 1020 & CHEM 1020L:
Lecture and Lab


  • Credits: 4
  • Tuition: $1440
  • Registration: $30
  • Total: $1470*

*Total payment is due in full at the time of registration. The cost of the materials is not included in this total.

Required course materials

  • Mandatory External Webcam and Whiteboard for Proctored Exams
  • Textbooks:
    • Organic Chemistry A Short Course 13th edition, Hart, Hadad, Craine, and Hart
    • Study Guide with Solutions Manual for Hart/Craine/Hart/Hadad’s Organic Chemistry: A Short Course, 13th edition
  • Lab Materials:
    • All lab materials are purchased through your course. Please be aware that costs vary for each course and can range from $100- $500+. *Lab materials only need to be purchased if registering for CHEM 1020L.
As a Reminder

Complete at Your Own Pace within 16 weeks

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Courses Typically Begin Every Two to Three Weeks

Working at the pace typical for a four-semester hour course, the average student will complete this online course in approximately 16 weeks. Many students have elected an online course for the sake of flexibility. Since the course is self-paced, you may be able to complete the course in less than 16 weeks.

You may enroll for a course at any time through our self-service registration portal. You will need to enable Flash in your browser first (here are step-by-step instructions). Payment is needed in full at the time of registration.

You must be registered for your class by 12:00 noon EST on the Monday before the class starts. Your official start date is the date that the course opens and you will have 16 weeks from that date to complete your course.


If you have any questions about registration, the coursework, or the course requirements for Organic Chemistry I Lecture & Lab, please reach out to one of our student service advisors at the email or phone number below.


*To register for Organic Chemistry I Lecture & Lab, you will need to enable Flash in your browser first (here are step-by-step instructions). For additional registration assistance please review our course registration tutorial.

If you intend to use VA Benefits or Military Tuition Assistance, please do not use the self-registration portal. Please call (855) 325-0894 to be directed to the appropriate office for assistance or view our Veteran Benefits page for more info.

*Please note if you’re planning on registering for both CHEM 1020 and CHEM 1020L, make sure the course section codes match when registering. In the event there is no matching lab section code, please select a different lecture section code.



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