Professional Certificates

100% Online Certificates for Skilling Up

Professional Certificates at the University of New England Online

The University of New England Online (UNE Online) offers a diverse range of non-credit professional certificates aimed at providing individuals with opportunities for personal and professional development. These certificates are designed to enhance skills, broaden knowledge, and promote lifelong learning. UNE’s non-credit continuing education programs cater to a variety of interests and fields, ranging from healthcare and business to social work and education. By participating in these certificate programs, individuals can acquire specialized expertise, stay current with industry trends, and expand their career prospects. UNE’s commitment to high-quality education and its flexible, accessible learning options make it an excellent choice for those seeking non-credit professional certificates that offer valuable and practical skills for personal growth and career.

End of Life Doula Certificate

The End-of-Life Doula Care Professional Certificate is a comprehensive and convenient 100% online program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide compassionate support and guidance to individuals and families during the end-of-life-journey.

Starts September 25.

Intimate Partner Violence Training Certificate

UNE Online offers a comprehensive and flexible 100% online certificate program in Domestic Violence Support. This asynchronous program offers individuals the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of domestic violence issues, develop skills for prevention and intervention, and contribute to creating safer communities.

Telemedicine Certificate

The University of New England (UNE) provides a cutting-edge 100% online certificate program in Telemedicine. This program offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to develop the expertise required to effectively navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of virtual healthcare delivery.