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Continuing Education at the University of New England Online

Continuing education programs offered by the University of New England Online— including non-credit courses, certificate programs, workshops, and trainings— bring numerous benefits to professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills. These programs provide a flexible and convenient learning environment that allows professionals to balance their work commitments while pursuing further education. The specialized curriculum and industry-relevant content offered in these programs ensure that professionals stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in their field. Additionally, the practical nature of workshops and training sessions enables professionals to apply their learning immediately in their professional settings, thereby enhancing their job performance and career prospects. Earning a certificate or completing non-credit courses demonstrates a commitment to professional development, which can lead to increased credibility and opportunities for advancement. Continuing education at the University of New England Online empowers professionals to continuously grow and thrive in their chosen fields. Explore our continuing education opportunities below.

Summer Session

Summer undergraduate and graduate credit courses designed for visiting students looking to help enhance their academic portfolio in an easily accessible, fully online format.

Professional Certificates

Non-credit continuing education certificates aimed at providing individuals with opportunities for personal and professional development in a variety of interests and fields, ranging from healthcare and business to social work and education.

Trainings & Workshops

Training and workshops geared to providing individuals with professional development offered together with generous University of New England Online (UNE) community partners promoting various professional and personal development topics.


Industry conferences and expert speakers hosted by University of New England Online (UNE) to promote and support various industries and the local community.

Science Pre-requisite Courses

The University of New England Online’s fully online undergraduate courses are for students who need the required courses for admission into various professional health programs, to meet academic requirements, or to advance their career in various industries. 

Post Baccalaureate Pre-Health

Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Certificate is a 18-30 credit 100% online program designed for students who want to pursue an advanced degree in healthcare or medicine but have yet to complete the required health science courses required for admission into health or medical school. 

The UNE Online Experience

I would recommend UNE Online's Continuing Education training programs to anyone. Through the training, we created such a tight group and worked/talked through so many of the issues that challenge us in our field. I was always looking forward to the trainings and feel it put new life and energy into my work.”

Stacey Simpson, LSW Director of Behavioral Health Services Mobius INC.

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