Research & Data Management

The overarching goal of the Research & Data Management team is to advance UNE Online's educational vision, mission, and values by addressing the most pressing challenges and by seizing the most promising opportunities.

Team members are responsible for the collection and analysis of data to drive actionable strategic recommendations including new opportunities, market needs, program needs, functional unit needs, business operations, and portfolio development. They are also responsible for executing research, evaluating and verifying its legitimacy, and providing the input and rationale on which recommendations are based.

Research & Data Management Team

Madeleine Adelson

Madeleine Adelson

Assistant Director of Market Research

(207) 221-4917

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Alyssa Benoit

Market Research Analyst

(207) 221-4829

Alex Hart, Salesforce Administrator

Alex Hart

Technology and Systems Manager

(207) 221-4956

Courtney Mejia

Courtney Mejia

Technology Project Manager

(207) 221-4968

Lacey Vassar

Lacey Vassar

Technology and Systems Coordinator

(207) 221-4246



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