End-of-Life Pet Doula

100% Online, 6-week Professional Certificate

End-of-Life Pet Doula Professional Certificate

The University of New England Online College of Professional Studies is offering a six week, 100% online End-of-Life Pet Doula Certificate program designed to provide students with the skills needed to deliver practical, compassionate, informed, and supportive care for pets and their families as they approach the end-of-life. With an End-of-Life Pet Doula certificate, students will gain expertise in areas such as advanced pet care planning, grief support, and emotional guidance. Moreover, the certificate fosters personal growth and fulfillment, empowering individuals to make a meaningful difference in the lives of pets and their families, providing solace, companionship, and a peaceful transition for our beloved animal companions.

Students will develop an understanding of how compassionate care, support, and advocacy can enhance end-of-life companion animal care at home and within the veterinary medicine framework. As non-medical care providers, Pet Death Doulas form companionships with pets, their families, veterinary professionals, and those involved in informal care to guide them through the dying process. Designed to empower you with the specialized skills needed to provide compassionate and informed care for pets during their end-of-life journey.

As an end-of-life pet doula, you will be able to: 

  • Provide Practical Support: With a foundational understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an end-of-life pet doula, you can support pets and their families during this delicate time, laying the groundwork for compassionate and informed end-of-life care.
  • Offer Emotional Support: As an end-of-life pet doula, you have the opportunity to provide invaluable emotional support to pet families during the challenging and sensitive journey towards the end of their pet’s life.
  • Give Comfort and Peace: You can help create a peaceful and comfortable environment for both the pet nearing the end of their life and their families by offering gentle companionship, listening, and being present with them.
  • Deliver Education and Guidance: You can educate and guide pets and their families through the dying process, providing information about various options, resources, and support services available to them.
  • Provide Grief and Bereavement Support: Provide information on the dynamics of grief, the human-animal bond, and coping mechanisms, offering bereavement support and a compassionate presence.
  • Create a Holistic Approach: End-of-life pet doulas focus on holistic care and support in diverse care settings, considering physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and support in finding comfort in navigating the final days.



End-of-Life Pet Doula Certificate

Current Registration Deadline

Register by September 14, 2024

Course begins Sep 15 - Oct 28

Tuition: $550


Why Choose the University of New England Online?

Fully Online

Fully Online

Courses are delivered fully online, allowing the flexibility to complete coursework around your schedule.



UNE Online offers some of the most affordable and competitive tuition rates, allowing you to complete your program for less.



Participants have consistent support from expert instructors and staff throughout the program, beginning right at the registration process.

Comprehensive Content

Comprehensive Content

Our curriculum dives deep into a wide spectrum of topics that are crucial as a pet end of life doula.

From the End-of-Life Pet Doula Expert and Instructor

"To further this into a career, we're finding that pet death doulas tend to work with hospice veterinarians, veterinarians who do home euthanasia, emergency veterinary practices, and it's few and far between," Walker said. "It's an emerging field."

Tracey Walker, Death Doula and Pet Death Doula


To register for our End-of-Life Pet Doula program, simply click on the registration link below and follow the instructions to make your program payment of $550. 

This comprehensive certification program will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide invaluable support to families and their pets during the end-of-life process. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of those in need. Space is limited in this certificate program, so secure your spot today. 


For additional information or if you need assistance with the registration process, please contact an Enrollment Services representative at ceonline@une.edu, 855-751-4446.

End-Of-Life Pet Doula Program Outcomes

This certificate program provides an overview of the role of an End-of-Life Pet Doula and explores the unique, beneficial, and challenging aspects that accompany end of life experiences and decision making.

At the completion of this certificate program, students will be able to:

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of end-of-life care and the integral role of the End-of-Life Pet Doula;
  • Explore and understand the diverse facets of companion animal end-of-life experiences, encompassing relational, practical, physical, medical, spiritual, and emotional dimensions;
  • Develop foundational skills in providing support, facilitating discussions, and aiding in the decision-making process for pet owners, families, and others involved
  • Cultivate the ability to self-assess professional fatigue and establish boundaries and self-care practices specific to the role of an End-of-Life Pet Doula;
  • Hone essential skills to companion with and advocate on behalf of pet owners within interprofessional teams;
  • Consider and explore cultural and societal influences on grief, loss, death, and the dying process in the context of companion animals.

Please Note: This certificate program is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal, financial, or medical advice. An End-of-Life Pet Doula role is unlicensed and unregulated. Upon completion of the University of New England End-of-Life Pet Doula Certificate program, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

In addition

If a beloved pet has recently died, or you are dealing with the acute grief associated with loss, it is recommended that you give yourself time to process and recover. Taking this time will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on the impact of the death, evaluate your personal experience with grief and coping mechanisms, and integrate these experiences into your life. This will also ensure that when you register for the UNE End-of-Life Pet Doula certificate program, you will be able to engage fully in the challenging and sometimes activating topics, focus effectively on the curriculum, and develop the skill set to become an effective End-of-Life Pet Doula.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition for our highly regarded End-of-Life Pet Doula 6-week certificate program is $550. This competitive tuition covers the comprehensive curriculum, expert instruction, and invaluable information provided throughout the duration of the program. By investing in this program, you will gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and insights to become a compassionate and skilled end-of-life pet doula. 

Alumni discounts are available! Please contact ceonline@une.edu for additional information.




Our End-of-Life Pet Doula Certificate program is designed to be inclusive and welcoming to a wide range of individuals who are passionate about providing compassionate end-of-life care for companion animals.

The program is open to:

  • Aspiring pet doulas who wish to specialize in end-of-life care for companion animals will benefit from the comprehensive curriculum and expert instruction provided.
  • Veterinary professionals will also find value in the program as it expands their understanding of end-of-life care and equips them with additional tools to assist pets and their families.
  • End-of-life doulas and aspiring pet doulas who wish to specialize in deathcare for companion animals will benefit from the comprehensive curriculum and expert instruction provided.
  • Anyone with a genuine interest in this field, including pet owners who seek to enhance their knowledge by supporting in the death of their own companion animal, and those who wish to make a positive impact by offering support and comfort to individuals and families facing end-of-life challenges with their pets.

We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, can play a meaningful role in the companion animal end-of-life journey. 

The End-of-Life Pet Doula Program will be offered 3 times per year, and will run for 6-weeks.

No prior knowledge is required to participate in our End-of-Life Pet Doula Certificate Program. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life to join us on this transformative journey. While no specific qualifications or experience are necessary, we do encourage participants to have a genuine interest in supporting companion animals, pets and their families  through the challenging end-of-life process. Compassion, empathy, and a willingness to learn are the most important attributes for this program.

Course Set Up

This End-of-Life Pet Doula program is delivered 100% online.

At the successful completion of the End-of-Life Pet Doula program, you will receive a certificate of completion as well as 1.2 CEU’s.

You will be assessed on your participation in discussion boards, completion of assignments, and comprehension of course material. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion students must receive an 80% or better in the program.