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Your Journey to Pelvic Wellness

The University of New England Online College of Professional Studies is offering a series of three, 4-week, fully online Pelvic Health Courses. These courses are designed to be a transformative journey to empower mothers with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve optimal pelvic health. To complete the program, you may choose to register for a 3-course bundle. However, participants may also choose to take a single course to get the specific training needed for where they are in their journey.

Each of the three 4-week courses consist of equal parts education and practical techniques to increase pelvic strength during labor and delivery and to maintain optimal pelvic health postpartum. The techniques taught in our courses help mothers avoid undue pelvic trauma during the birthing process and reduce or avoid issues with incontinence, painful intercourse, and pelvic organ prolapse.

These courses have benefits for every expectant mother. Whether it’s your first or fourth child, there is something in these courses for you! Our courses educate women about their bodies – what your body is capable of and what is normal or abnormal regarding pelvic health. You will gather pragmatic strategies and acquire actionable tips and exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, support postpartum recovery, and boost your overall vitality. At UNE Online, we are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to prioritize your pelvic health journey. The Pelvic Health Courses are your gateway to holistic well-being, confidence, and a supportive community of fellow mothers. Invest in your pelvic health. Invest in yourself.



Pelvic Health Courses Bundle

Current Registration Deadline

Register by September 14, 2024

Course begins Sep 15 - Nov 10

Tuition: $165


Why Choose the University of New England Online?

Fully Online

Fully Online

We understand the demands of motherhood. Each 4-week course is delivered fully online, allowing the flexibility to complete coursework around your schedule.



UNE Online offers affordable rates, allowing you to complete your Pelvic Health Courses for less.

Comprehensive Content

Comprehensive Content

Dive deep into pelvic anatomy and evidence-based practices to understand your body better and make informed decisions.



Join a community of mothers who share your experiences and concerns. Engage in discussions, share stories and receive support on your journey to pelvic wellness.

The UNE Online Experience

“The Worry Free L&D Class gave me specific strategies, such as breathing exercises, labor/birth positions, and tips for perineal massage, that I can incorporate at any point in my pregnancy and will help me labor with confidence.”

Aimee, second time mother

Pelvic Health Course Registration

To register for our Pelvic Health Courses, simply click on the registration link below and follow the instructions to make your 3 course bundle payment of $165. Alternatively, you may choose to enroll in individual courses, in which case, you may click on the individual courses below to register and make your payment. Space is limited in this certificate program, so secure your spot today. 


For additional information or if you need assistance with the registration process, please contact an Enrollment Services representative at ceonline@une.edu, 855-751-4446.

Pelvic Health Course Descriptions

UNE Online’s Pelvic Health courses can be taken as single courses, or taken together as part of the full Pelvic Health Courses Bundle. Participants gain access to exercises (during the course and up to 60 days after the course), coaching from a pelvic health expert and an open chat forum. 

Pelvic Health Courses Bundle (All courses, 12-weeks)
Starts October 11th, 2023 – November 11th, 2023
Register for all 3 courses and receive the most comprehensive pelvic health education 


Online Course #1: Worry-Free Labor & Delivery (4 weeks)
Starts October 11th, 2023 – November 11th, 2023
You’ll discover all you need to know about your pelvic floor during pregnancy and beyond in this course.


Online Course #2: Jumpstart Your Postpartum Healing (4 weeks) 
Starts October 11th, 2023 – November 11th, 2023
This course is specifically focused on the timeframe from 0-6 weeks postpartum and provides you all you need to know to heal your pelvic floor the right way after childbirth.


Online Course #3: Pelvic Health Once and For All (4 weeks)
Starts: TBD
Course 3 focuses on week 6 and beyond postpartum and teaches you all you need to know to restore core and pelvic floor strength so you can get back to living.



The cost of the 12-week Pelvic Health Course Bundle program is $165. This highly competitive pricing covers the comprehensive lessons, expert video instruction, and invaluable exercises provided throughout the program. By investing in these courses and prioritizing your pelvic health, you will continue to improve your quality of life, increase your confidence, and gain a greater sense of well-being.

You may also choose to sign up for individual pelvic health courses based on your specific needs. Cost of each individual course is listed below: 

Full Pelvic Health Course Bundle (12 weeks) – $165

Online Course #1: Worry-Free Labor & Delivery (4 weeks) – $47

Online Course #2: Jumpstart Your Postpartum Healing (4 weeks) – $52

Online Course #3: Health Once and For All (4 weeks) – $66

Alumni discounts are available! Please contact ceonline@une.edu for additional information.


The ideal time to begin the Pelvic Health Course bundle is during your pregnancy. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your 3rd, the 3-course program will take you step by step on preventative measures all the way through on how to heal properly from childbirth. This is for the expecting mothers who like to have a plan, know what to expect, and not have any surprises along the way. This is the ultimate trio of classes that will keep your pelvic floor and body healthy and strong.

You will have access to each class for 4 weeks. That means you have plenty of time to go back and re-watch whatever videos you want to! But you will always have access to the downloadable worksheets for your future reference.

Each class takes about 1 hour to watch. Quizzes, lessons and worksheets are built in for you to work through (and it’s highly recommended that you do!) It is recommended that participants take the entire 4 weeks to really absorb the material and practice techniques.

Class #1 is designed for pregnant women, and should be started at least 4 weeks prior to your due date. If followed correctly, you should see success (little to no tearing) during labor and delivery! For the 2 postpartum classes, it usually takes 4-6 weeks to gain back strength, but you should start feeling better and more in tune with your body within 2 weeks of consistent practice!

The best answer for this is, it depends. Your best bet is to contact your insurance and ask. But you can buy it with your HSA or FSA card in most cases. The rule of thumb is that if the class is deemed medically necessary (to avoid trauma, to heal from a tear during childbirth), it will be covered on your HSA or FSA card.

These are on-demand classes for you to watch in your own time at your own pace. Weekly office hours will be live and open for all of your questions and concerns.

These classes are about preventing injury to your body and to facilitate the healing process in your body. Having said that, your partner can help with a lot of the techniques that are presented in Class #1. It’s also important for your partner to understand what’s about to happen! Class #1 can, and should, be watched by both of you so you have a ready-made advocate in the birthing room with you!

Our 3 classes are designed to meet your needs at whatever point in the process you are. Whether you are expecting your first one or your youngest child is already 6, there is info in these classes that is right for you!

If you are pregnant, start with the first class, or ideally, enroll in the full 3-course bundle. If you are newly postpartum (0-6 weeks) start with class #2 and work through class #3 as well. And if you are 6 years postpartum but feeling weak in your core, or struggling with back pain or urinary leakage, we recommend both class #2 and #3 as these address weakness in the pelvic floor and core muscles.