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We are excited to announce that UNE Online will partner with Communications Across Barriers to bring you an intensive two-day virtual Poverty Institute, as well as a two-day Poverty Coaching Institute, March 20-23. Taking part in an event like this…

The Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Foundation awarded the University of New England a grant to support scholarships for students in UNE Online’s Graduate Programs in Public Health. This will allow UNE to train public health workers who will hold positions in…

Our *NEW* Online PBPH certificate can get you there! The period between finishing a bachelor’s degree and applying for medical school can be a stressful time. Ensuring that you’re prepared to pursue an advanced degree in healthcare comes with various…

Are you looking to make a difference in the world? Feel passionate about lifting up your community members? Have empathy for people in challenging situations? A career in social work is calling your name! UNE Online offers a Council on…

UNE Online programs continue to be frequently recognized

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Faculty Spotlight on Roger Poitras, CEO Intermed
Kim Marshall is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for UNE’s latest online course, Pharmacology.
Nicholas Flavin, MPH faculty member, MSIN program at CGPS
Faculty Spotlight: Angelina Moore Maia, PhD, RD, LD, Applied Nutrition Program Assistant Director, Graduate Programs in Applied Nutrition for the Master’s degree in nutrition online

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