• Martha K. Wilson, Ph.D.

    Dean, College of Graduate and Professional Studies & Associate Provost for Online Worldwide Learning

    (207) 221-4985


  • Heidi Wilkes

    Heidi Wilkes, MBA, DLP

    Associate Dean, Academic Operations



  • Michelle Littlefield, MBA

    Assistant Dean, Finance & Strategy

    (207) 221-4978


Administrative Support


Administrative Support

Learn more about our Academic Operations Teams

Academic Operations, the operations arm of the College, focuses on student and program-specific responsibilities. Academic Operations is further divided into Program Administration (housing academic programs, assessment activities, and policy/accreditation tasks) and Student Experience (which includes Enrollment, Student Support/Retention, Instructional Design, and Tactical Marketing).

Program Administration


Academic Programs Assessment Accreditation

Student Experience


EnrollmentStudent Support Instructional Design

Learn more about our Finance & Strategy Teams

Finance & Strategy, the resource-driven arm of the College, maintains cross-program responsibilities. Units within Finance & Strategy include Marketing, Research & Strategy, and Product Development/Project Management.

Marketing Research & Strategy Product Development