Transfer Students: Welcome to the University of New England!

Transferring credits to UNE

Before becom­ing a stu­dent at UNE, your enroll­ment coun­selor can help advise you on trans­fer cred­it mat­ters. Gen­er­al­ly, UNE can accept trans­fer cred­its from region­al­ly accred­it­ed insti­tu­tions of high­er edu­ca­tion, AP, CLEP, accred­it­ed mil­i­tary train­ing and, to some extent, for pri­or expe­ri­en­tial learn­ing. Some restric­tions may apply.

Transfer evaluation

For admit­ted under­grad­u­ate stu­dents, a trans­fer eval­u­a­tion is for­ward­ed by the cre­den­tials eval­u­a­tor to the stu­dent and his/her advi­sor. This is based on receipt of offi­cial tran­scripts from the send­ing insti­tu­tions, for which arrange­ments must be made by the stu­dent.

Taking courses outside of UNE

After a stu­dent begins attend­ing UNE, he or she must obtain per­mis­sion to take course­work at oth­er insti­tu­tions. This must be done pri­or to enrolling in the exter­nal course(s). Offi­cial tran­scripts must be request­ed by the stu­dent and sent direct­ly to Reg­is­tra­tion Ser­vices as soon as the course­work is com­plet­ed.

Grade cutoffs

In most cas­es, course­work from oth­er insti­tu­tions must earn a grade of “C-” or high­er to trans­fer here, and some pro­grams impose high­er grade cut-offs and/or time restric­tions on the age of course work which can be trans­ferred. Grade cut­off infor­ma­tion can be found on the indi­vid­ual cat­a­log page for your pro­gram.


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